How To Fix “This channel can’t be displayed” On Telegram

Wondering why you get the "This channel can't be displayed" message on Telegram and how to fix it?

Telegram is an instant messaging service that is quite similar to WhatsApp in it’s user interface. While Telegram channels can be a great way to exchange content with a large number of subscribers, it can also make it difficult to keep track of all the shared content. Sometimes users may no longer be able to access a particular Telegram channel and get the “This channel can’t be displayed” message.

In today’s article, we will explain why this error occurs and what you can do to fix it.

Telegram: How To Fix “This channel can’t be displayed”?


There can be a lot of reasons behind the “This channel can’t be displayed” message popping up on Telegram. However, the most common reason is the sharing of explicit content. If a channel has shred an inappropriate type of content, it’s subscribers might see this message. It can also pop up when a channel shares pirated content or promotes hate and violence. Lastly, this message can also appear if a channel has been deleted.

To fix the “This Channel Cannot be Displayed” issue on Telegram, you can try out the following methods.

Turn On Disable Filtering Option

This method to fix “This channel can’t be displayed” will only work if you are using Telegram on your PC or Mac device. Follow the steps given below to disable the filtering option on Telegram.

  • Open Telegram Web on your device’s web browser.
  •  Go to Settings.
  • Click on the Privacy and Security section.
  • Turn On Disable Filtering from the sensitive content tab.


Telegram often filters content differently for different parts of the world. You can use a VPN for your device to access the channel that currently can’t be displayed at your location. Make sure to use a VPN that you trust and that can change your location securely.

Nicegram Bot

A Nicegram bot can also help you overcome the “This channel can’t be displayed” issue on Telegram. Follow the steps below to try it out.

  • Search for Nicegram Bot in Telegram.
  • Click on the search result and select the Start option.
  • Check the “I’m 18+ Years Old” and “Show Sensitive Content” options.
  • Restart the app and check if you can access the channel now.

In the end, it is best to avoid channels with suspicious or questionable content. For more Telegram guides, check out How To Get Unbanned From Telegram?