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Slack Tips And Tricks To Boost Efficiency (2022)

Slack is a messaging program designed specifically for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Slack is a popular communication software used by entrepreneurs and businesses. It can be used to collaborate with a team on various tasks. However, the app has a number of features that can help users maximize productivity. In this article, we will discuss a number of tips and tricks that users can employ when using Slack.

Slack Tips & Tricks


Slack has a lot to offer to its users. Whether users are looking for app integration or usage flexibility, Slack offers it all. let us take a look at some tips to use Slack to its maximum potential.

1. Activate 2-Factor Authentication

The first thing to do to ensure that users have a great experience with Slack is to activate the 2-Factor Authentication. This ensures that the work stays within the users that have access to it. Users will have to enter a specific code that is sent to their registered mobile number when they want to log in from a different device to ensure that it is a authentic log in. In addition, users can also generate and distribute them among the team.

2. Switch Between Conversations

Users can easily switch between conversations when using Slack. It is especially easy if users are on Windows as they can just push Ctrl + K and type the name of the chat that they want to switch to. Now, all users need to do is hit enter to move to that destination.

3. Activities

Users can easily keep track of all their activity in a single place. They can click the @ icon on desktops and laptops to see all the current messages and activities associated with their account. For the mobile app, users can click the three dot menus.

4. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Another way to be effective while using Slack is to use keyboard shortcuts. Users can access the list of keyboard shortcuts by pressing Ctrl in addition with slash (/).

5. Video Conference

A very useful tool to promote efficiency amongst the team is to use video conference. It makes communication easier and straightforward. Slack users can video conference from Mac, Linux, and Windows. To start a video conference, users just need to click the phone icon on the top right of the screen.

These are all the tips and tricks to boost efficiency when using Slack. For more Tech guides, check out the Top 5 WiFi Internet Speed Test Apps & Websites.