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Top 5 WiFi Internet Speed Test Apps & Websites (2022)

Check out these top 5 internet speed test apps & websites, and check your internet speed within seconds.

Speed test apps and websites help you determine your internet speed. No matter whether you’re on mobile data or WiFi, a speed test will give you the full stats of your internet connection. If you’re facing some issues, with your internet, then it’s not always the issue of the speed, sometimes, it depends on your connectivity too. So in order to find out the issue, it’s better to do a quick speed test. If you’re confused between which apps or websites you should rely on, then don’t worry we’ve here to help. Here are the 5 best Wi-Fi internet speed test apps & websites you should try.

Best 5 Wi-Fi Internet Speed Test Apps & Websites (2022)

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List of 5 Best Wi-Fi internet speed test apps and websites, go on and take a look.

SpeedTest By Ookla

One of the best and most used internet speed test apps is SpeedTest By Ookla. This app helps you determine the upload and download speed within minutes. One of the best things about SpeedTest By Ookla is that it provides you with a free 1 GB VPN for a month. You can easily view this app on your Android or iOS devices and also via their Website. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and check your internet speed.

Fast – Best Internet Speed Test Website

When it comes to internet speed tests, FAST is also one of the most reliable sources. Fast is ad-free for now and is also powered by Netflix. However, as a downside, it lacks behind in some features. Overall it’s a good WiFi internet speed test website. You can download it for free on your Android & iOS devices. For your convenience, it also has a Website version.


Like other speed test apps Meteor helps you determine the speed of your internet easily. But it doesn’t end here, it especially evaluates the speed of your favorite mobile apps individually. It can scan around 6 apps at the same time. One more thing which makes it one of the best is that it is ad-free, so no wastage of time there. Go on and try it on via their Android and iOS app.

Speedtest Master

Speedtest Master is an easy-to-use app, that optimizes the speed of your internet with just a click. However, you’ll face a whole lot of advertisements in their free version and they only provide you with a number of speed tests. But on the bright side, it’s available in 10 different languages. If you want to give it a try, then download it on your Android or iOS devices.


Last but not the least, TestMyNet is a free-to-use website speed tester. The sole purpose of this website is to help you optimize your internet speed within seconds. It provides you with a graph and a full report on your internet speed. Especially it determines the lowest and the highest speed rate of your internet connection. So without wasting any time, go ahead and view it via their Website.

These are all the Best Internet Speed Test Apps & Websites that will get the work done. If you need more techy tips, then we’ve several Tech guides ready for your help, you’ll find everything you need over there.