Evony 24 Hour Bubbles Not Working Fix (2022)

Here's how to fix this bug in the game.

Evony is a strategy-based MMORPG where players build up their own kingdom and take on strong opponents. However, it is a real-time game which means that even when players are offline, the game wouldn’t pause. This can set back players’ progress by quite a lot as they can get attacked anytime. Usually, the 24 hour bubbles are a quick fix to this problem but they are currently not working in Evony.

Let us find out how players can fix this problem in the game.

How To Fix 24 Hour Bubbles Not Working In Evony?


New Evony players are granted immunity that prevents other players from attacking their cities for a total of 7 days or until a player upgrades the town hall to level 5 or higher. However, once this immunity ends, players are vulnerable to attack from other opponents. This makes it almost impossible to survive in the game without forming or joining alliances.

The Truce Agreement in Evony and can be used to protect the cities from attack for a period of 24 hours by encasing it in a bubble. Players can also get 3 day and 7 day variants of this agreement. However, players that currently opt for the 24 hour bubble option will experience some issues.

When players purchase the 24 hour bubble, they will experience a bug where the game will state that bubble has been activated. However, there won’t be a visible bubble around the city and it wouldn’t actually be protected.

Thankfully, this bug is only being experienced by players that use gems to purchase the bubble. Players purchasing the bubble through the alliance shop do not seem to be encountering this problem. Therefore, the only fix is to stop purchasing the 24 hour bubbles with gems till the problem is fixed by the developers.

That is all about the Evony 24 hour bubbles not working fix. For more game troubleshooting guides, check out Fix Valorant Freezing Mid-Game.