How To Create A Private Slack Channel Or Make A Public Channel Private

Slack users can create public or private channels to communicate

Slack is a messaging program that is designed keeping the office in mind.  Users can choose to create public or private channels on Slack depending on their requirements. While public channels are more inclusive and can be accessed by any member of the office, private channels are for conversations that need to remain within a certain group of people. In this guide, we will explain how users can create a private Slack channel or make a public channel private.

How To Make A Private Slack Channel?


To make a private Slack channel, users can follow the simple instructions given below.

  • Open Slack and click on the plus sign near the Channels option.
  • Select and write a channel name.
  • Now, select the Make private option.
  • Click on Create.
  • The private channel has now been created. Users can add new members to the channel by tagging them at the time of creation or by going to the Add people option at any time.

How To Make A Public Channel Private?

Users can also make a public channel private if they feel like there are too many participants. To do this, users can follow the steps below.

  • Users must go to Slack and open the channel that they want to make private.
  • They must click on the channel name and then select the Settings.
  • Now, users must browse down to the Change to a private channel option and click on  it.
  • Lastly, users need to click Change to private and confirm their choice. This conversion is permanent and users will not be able to make this channel public again.
  • A message will notify all members of the channel that it has been converted to a private channel.

This is is how users can create a private Slack channel or switch a public channel into a private one. For more Tech guides, check out Slack Tips And Tricks To Boost Efficiency.