How To Get And Use Google Pay Party Codes

Here's how to get and redeem Google Pay party codes.

Google Pay is a mobile payment and transaction app capable of doing direct bank-to-bank transactions. This money app works on all QR codes, making it one of the most used payment apps in India. Almost everyone that owns a smartphone uses this app or is at least aware of it. The app introduces exciting offers and schemes now and then. In this article, we will learn about one such limited-time offer, party codes in Google Pay.

How to Get and Use Party Codes in Google Pay

Google Pay Party Codes GPay

Every party code is a unique code used once per user. You can earn 5 rewards by collecting codes and one by sharing your code. And you can get up to Rs 51 per code. And the golden party codes give the best rewards. You can earn a golden code if you did not open your app from Oct 1 to Nov 30 of 2022. The offer expires at 11:59 PM IST on 12 December 2022, so hurry and redeem the offer using the steps below.

  • Before jumping to the steps, make sure your app is of the latest version.
  • Now, open your GPay app and scroll down to find the “Offers” option under the Promotions section. Tap to open the offers window.
  • Under the Exclusive Offers section, you will see “Part Code Hunt“. Tap on it.
  • Hit the “Collect” button beside Collect party codes.
  • Now you will need to enter “Part Code” and “Last 4 digits of friend’s phone number“.
  • The party codes with the last 4 digits available at the time of writing is
    • Party Code: on4tj5u
    • Last 4 digits: 3775

How to Check and Get Party Code

Party codes in simple language are just referer codes that you can share and collect to earn rewards. To check your code go to the same “Party Code Hunt” window. Scroll down and choose “What’s a party code?“.
You will see details and highlighted “See yours“. Tap on it, and you will see your Party code with the option “Share party code“. Hit that button and share codes with your friend using an app like Whatsapp. Tell your friends to do the same and collect rewards using the above instructions

What to Remember

You cannot use the code of the friend who has redeemed your code. Each party code has a different color. And your activity will determine if you get the golden code or not.

This is how you can collect and use Google Pay or GPay party codes. Looking for more interesting tech guides. Check out how to delete transaction history and redeem Google play codes.