10 Best IG Threads Memes (2023) – Viral & Funny

Are you out here looking for the best memes related to Threads? Then you have come to the right place.

After Meta launched Threads on 5th July 2023, there has been a pile of memes being made on it. We have got some of the best one’s for you, to be a part of this never-ending fun. As threads are like a copy of Twitter, the current memes are trending in the Twitter vs Threads category. The rivalry between the billionaires Zuck and Musk is hilarious for our fellow Tweeters and Threaders. They are expressing their choice between the two platforms through memes like these.

List of 10 Best Trending Threads Memes

Here are some of the latest and best Threads related memes for you to joke upon and share further.

1. Spiderman’s Pointing at Each Other

Zuck picked up the classic Spiderman meme and humored his creation, while Tom Warren explained it clearly through his meme showing the Twitter and Threads logo. This indicated how both the platforms are twins of each other in a hilarious way.

2. MrBeast & Elon Musk

MrBeast was the first Threads user to reach 1 million, even before Zuck himself. While thriving on Threads he still has his eye on Twitter, and that can be seen with his funny replies to Elon Musk’s jokes. While Elon was completely cooling down the tension with what was going on in the rivalry.

3. The Simpsons Predictions

We are all familiar with how the Simpsons are always predicting the future in a creepy way. In this meme, Homer Simpson’s ears are alike the Threads logo. With this, there is no doubt that this meme had to be one of the best Threads memes.

4. Mr. Bean Copying

Mark Zuckerberg is always copying elements from other apps and incorporating them into his platforms. Threads broke all limits when it copied Twitter, and now the memes of him copying other apps is just not going to stop.

5.  Toy Story’s Bye Twitter

The Toy Story scene of Andy (The boy throwing Woody, the doll) has become famous as him throwing Twitter, and holding Threads in his other hand. It is kind of like the current status of some of the Twitter users who have left it for Threads.

6.  Balancing Twitter & Threads

While some users have chosen sides, some are going to stay loyal to both apps. Due to this, the above meme has become their current reality, which is hysterical.

7.  Meta Copying Twitter

The jokes about Threads copying Twitter is never going to get old. This meme is the proof of it.

8.  Threads User Count

Zuck Threading the user count on Threads and users replies to him, will forever be funny. Especially, this reply by lucrafund, who is siding with Elon Musk.

9.  RIP Twitter

While there are memes of Threads copying Twitter, the memes on Elon feeling left out and the end of Twitter are not being held back at all, like the above Tweets.

10. Ctrl C+V

We’re not getting enough of the copy pasting memes for Threads.  So here is another one, with Mark Zuckerberg holding the Ctrl C and V keys of the keyboard alone.

That’s a wrap on the current 10 best Threads memes on the internet. If you’re done Threading, then you can check out this article on how to delete or deactivate Threads accounts.