Apex Legends Tracker Guide (November 2022): How To Track Stats & Packs

Here are two Apex Legends trackers to track stats and packs.

If you’re a beginner in Apex Legends or even an old player you still would want to check your progress. Some players also want to find out how many packs they need to open until they get that Heirloom Shard. For the unversed, Heirloom Shard is something every Apex Legends player wants and can be won from packs. There is a 1/500 chance to win an Heirloom Shard from a pack.

Best Apex Legend Stat Trackers List – November 2022


Apex Legends Tracker

You can always check your stats on the game itself however with this Apex Legends Tracker you can absolutely track everything. It tracks every single game that you play and collects data of where you drop on the map, where you die, and even how long you last. The more you use this tracker you can check on which your best legends are and even what strategies work the best.

You can also check your basic stats like kill death ratio, headshots, Squad skill contribution, average kills, etc. The best feature of this tracker is that it even records all your steps on the game map. This allows you to check your path from when you dropped to every direction to went to till you died.

However, unlike online trackers, you need to install this tracker on your computer. It has to run in the background while you play Apex Legends.

Apex Tracker

Apex Legends Tracker

This is a tracker that most Alex Legends players use to track their own stats and ranks. This Apex Legends tracker has a feature that you can just enter anyone’s username in it and it will give you all their stats and rank. This can be useful if you’re against someone and you want to check their gameplay.

This tracker has all basic tracking like kills, headshots, which legend is the best played, where you rank in the season and what rank you are on the leaderboard.

Apex Legends Status

Apex Legends Tracker

This is one of the most upcoming popular trackers for Apex Legends now. It not only tracks a player’s data, kills, death, Legends, badges but also gives solutions to all sorts of Error codes. If you’re facing an error on the game, you can simply head over to the site and scroll through the section of Errors on the top left.

You’ll find information like server-status, maps, leaderboards, individual player stats and if you enter your username in the box it also gives you your match history and other statistics. This is a very decent tracker overall.

How To Track Apex Legends Packs

Apex Legends

All you need to do is head over to Mike Zaradona’s Apex Pack Calculator and input all the information asked for on the page. All the information is easy to find on your Apex Account as it asks for data like your account level, battle pass purchases, seasonal battle pass levels, and pack purchases.

After entering all the information, click on View Progress and you will have the number of packs you have opened till now. This will help you calculate how close you are to get an heirloom shard.

The trackers mentioned above are some of the most reliable Apex Legends trackers according to us. Jump into Apex Legends and track your stats today for that extra boost of performance! Meanwhile, check out Seer’s abilities from Apex Legends Season 10 here.