Apex Legends Season 10: Who Is Seer And What Are His Abilities

Seer is the new character introduced in Apex legends season 10 emergence. Let's see who is seer and what are his abilities.

Seer is the latest addition to the unique roster of legends in Apex legends. The legend will be added with Apex legends season 10 Emergence. Respawn announced the addition of Seer during EA play and mentioned that he will be available for players from 3rd august. Let’s dig deeper and find out everything about Seer in Apex legends season 10.

Who Is Seer In Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence

apex legends seer

As per the official description before becoming a legend Seer as a child was cursed with a moth-like mark on his face. Seer turned the curse into his source of power and became a legend. Seer has abilities that can misdirect and confuse the opponents making him the best decoy guy for your team.

What Are Seer’s Abilities?

Initially Respawn only mentioned that all of Seer’s abilities and attacks will revolve around Misdirection. Recently respawn revealed a lot more about Seer’s attacks and abilities.

Passive Ability: Heartseeker

Seer can hear other player’s heartbeats from a distance and the closer he gets the more he can hear it. This makes aiming and tracking down enemies easier as it gives you few extra seconds to aim better.

Tactical Ability: Focus of Attention

This ability enables Seer to launch microdrones that collapse and scan all the enemies and their health bars for a short time. The microdrones also interrupt everyone around them so if the enemies are on a roll this is a good way to break their flow and get the momentum to your side.

Ultimate Ability: Exhibit

By using his ultimate ability Seer will create a dome around the enemies using his microdrones. All the players under the dome will be visible through walls ad structures. Players can shoot at the dome to make it collapse quicker they can just crouch their way out of it.

This was everything you need to about Seer, the new character introduced in Apex legends season 10. The character seems very unique and interesting and players should try it when it comes out on 3rd August.

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