Unlock Solo Play in Apex Legends Mobile

Here is how you can play solo in Apex Legends Mobile.

Multiplayer has always been big on the Apex Legends scene. With the gameplay revolving around groups of three. Then in 2020, the permanent Duos mode was introduced that allowed players to partner up and play the Battle Royale mode. This definitely was a huge difference from the regular squad of three games. There wasn’t a mode to play solo in Apex Legends mobile before. But now, players can actually drop in solo as they begin their games. Here is your guide on finding out how exactly you can go solo in Apex Legends mobile.

How to Play Solo in Apex Legends Mobile

Unlock Solo Play in Apex Legends Mobile

To play solo in Apex Legends mobile, all that you will need to do is select the ‘no fill‘ option. This will allow you to get into the game without a partner by your side. While most players may prefer to get in with someone, sometimes this is just not possible.

However, going in solo is not allowed for everyone in a match. Only six solo players are allowed per match in Apex Legends mobile. This is in accordance with the cap that Respawn has added. It is there to keep the pacing of the game from changing.

It can be a challenge to get a ‘no fill’ slot in a match as it takes longer to find a match. This makes it easier to play with a squad instead as you are able to play more and wait less on Apex Legends mobile.

For those of you that would rather play solo, it is not likely to be a permanent mode any time soon. The Apex Legends mobile devs have no plans to include it. This is also the reason why every Legend was created to work in a team rather than as a solo fighter. Which in turn makes it difficult for any player to actually win a match alone.

Let us know if this guide has helped you play solo in Apex Legends mobile. For more Apex Legends articles, check out this one on how you can change the reticle colors in Apex Legends.