All Skins In Apex Legends’ Gaiden Event (2022)

The Skins will derive inspiration from popular anime and manga.

Apex Legends is constantly coming up with new events and the Gaiden Event is the latest one to kick off with 14 new skins on offer. The event begins on July 19th and players can expect 40 new limited time items to arrive with it.

The skins in the event derive inspiration from some popular anime series and manga. If players are curious about all the skins that are available during Gaiden event in Apex Legends, Games Adda has them covered.

Apex Legends: All Gaiden Event Skins

Players will have a chance to grab a total of 40 items during the Gaiden event which will include 10 Legend skins and 4 Weapon skins. Let us take a look at all the skins below.

1. Legendary “Lightning Spirit” Wattson Skin

Wattson is set to be getting an event Legendary in Apex Legends. This skin derives its inspiration from Naruto. Data miner SWL has posted the image below for this skin.

2. Legendary “Sea Legs” Octane Skin

Octane is also getting a Legendary skin during the Apex Legends Gaiden event. This skin is inspired by Luffy from One Piece.


3. Legendary “Revelations” Revenant Skin

Revenant will be getting a mecha Legendary skin during the event. It is inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion.

4. Mirage “Marked Man” Legendary Skin

Mirage will also be getting a legendary Skin during the event. This skin is based on My Hero Academia.

5. Epic “Down Thunder” Fuse Skin

Fuse will be getting a Full Metal Alchemist inspired skin during the event.

6. Epic” Strength and Power” Crypto Skin

Crypto will be getting a Strength an d power skin based on Dragon Ball.

7. Epic “Soldier of Justice” Bangalore Skin

Apart from the Apex Commander, Bangalore will also be getting a Soldier of Justice skins inspired by Sailor Moon.

8. Epic “Heart Stopper” Seer Skin

Seer will be getting a Heart Stopper skin during the Gaiden event in Apex Legends. This skin could be inspired from Sailor Moon or Persona 5 by the looks of it.

9. Epic “Lifeblood” Bloodhound Skin

Bloodhound will be getting an Epic Lifeblood skin that will be inspired by Tokyo Ghoul.

10. Bangalore “Apex Commander” Prestige Skin

This Prestige Apex Commander skin is a reward that palyers will get after unlocking all the cosmetics available in the event.


This is all about the Apex Legends Gaiden Event skins. For more content on this game, check out Best Legends For Control In Apex Legends.