Apex Legends Mobile Best Settings & Sensitivity (November 2022)

Ace Apex Legends Mobile with these settings & sensitivity.

Apex Legends Mobile has recently seen a soft launch in 10 countries. The massively popular game has had a successful transition to mobile. With the arrival of Apex Legends on Mobile, players have started to look for the best settings & sensitivity for the game. While the best settings and sensitivity largely depend on a player and their preference, we have put together the settings we feel are the best to optimize the gameplay. While these might not be the best settings for everyone, they are compatible with most gameplay styles and all experience levels. So, without further delay, let us check out Apex Legends Mobile Best Settings & Sensitivity.

What Are The Best Settings & Sensitivity For Apex Legends Mobile?


Overall Sensitivity Settings

  • Sensitivity Adjustment: On
  • Rotation Mode: Fixed Speed
  • Overall Sensitivity: Medium (Default)
  • FPP Free Camera (Focus): Off
  • TPP Free Camera (Focus): On
  • Free Camera (Focus) 200%
  • Sensitivity Acceleration 100%

Firing Settings

  • Aim Assist: On
  • Bolt-action Sniper Firing Mode: Tap to Fire
  • Auto-ADS when using a Bolt-action Sniper: On
  • Shotgun Firing Mode: Tap to Fire
  • One-tap ADS and Fire: Off
  • Secondary Fire Button: On

ADS Settings

  • ADS Mode: Mixed
  • Quick Throw: On
  • Scope Mode: Classic Mode

Movement Settings

  • Use the Crouch button to rotate camera: Off
  • Use the Jump button to rotate the camera: Off
  • Climbing Control Mode: Classic
  • Crouching Controls: Tap
  • Joystick triggers Auto-run: On

Gyroscope Settings

  • Gyroscope Mode: Always On
  • Invert Vertical Control: Off
  • Invert Horizontal Control: Off

Pickup Settings

  • Auto-Pickup: On
  • Auto-Pickup Interval: Short
  • Hide pickup list during combat: On
  • When pickup list is closed, stop Auto-pickup: On

Advanced Display Settings

  • Dynamic Shadows: Off
  • Refraction Quality: Off
  • Anti-Aliasing: Off
  • Character Halo: On

These are some of the best Apex Legends Mobile Settings & Sensitivity. These will optimize your gaming performance while also making sure that the mobile device is not overwhelmed. We hope this Settings & Sensitivity guide was helpful for you. For more Apex Mobile Legends content, see Apex Legends Mobile Device Not Compatible Error Fix.