How To Fix Apex Legends ‘Attempting Connection’ Error In 2021?

Here's a quick guide on how to fix Attempting Connection error in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends has numerous issues that leave fans frustrated and annoyed while playing games. The issue that players are currently encountering is Apex Legends attempting connection.

While you are here, you must be looking for ways to fix Apex Legends attempting connection. If that’s the case then don’t worry, we would not disappoint you.

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In this guide, we will explain what this issue is all about and how it can be fixed in 2021.

Apex Legends ‘Attempting Connection’ Error Fix Guide

There are thousands of Apex Legends players who complained that they are having attempting connection error while playing the game. There are multiple ways that can be used to fix this annoying error but the easiest one requires you to have a fast and reliable internet connection.

According to experts, this error usually occurs when your internet connection is either too slow or not working. Whenever you encounter any error while playing Apex Legends, the first and foremost thing that you must do is check if the server is down or not.

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To check the status of the Apex Legends server, you will need to keep an eye on the following sources:

When you go through the above-mentioned sources, you will get to know whether the game is currently having any connectivity issues or not. If there is an issue from the developer’s end and they are aware of it, they inform about the same on their official Twitter account.

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It is not necessary that all errors are related to the server, there could be a glitch, preventing users to play the game flawlessly. Earlier, players had reported numerous bugs and glitches that have been fixed by the developer.

There are plenty of players who reported to have fixed Apex Legends attempting connection issue by simply using a VPN. If your use a VPN, you will need to bring your VPN to port 53.

The second fix that you can try out is to disable your NAT option. We would not advise you to apply this method unless you know exactly what you are doing and none of the above fixes worked for you. 

That’s all you need to know about how to fix Apex Legends attempting connection issue in 2021.