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Tribe Nine Anime Voice Actors English Dub Cast Revealed

The English dubbed version of Tribe Nine Anime Series is streaming on FunimationNow

Tribe Nine is an Anime TV series that is a part of the Tribe Nine Japanese multimedia franchise. While the original Anime Series has wrapped up, the English dub of the series is still garnering attention. The English Dub of the Tribe Nine series is being produced by Sound Cadence Studios. It has been streaming on the FunimationNow streaming service since January 31, 2022. The series captured a lot of attention when famous names like Valkyrae and Sykkuno announced that they will be joining the English dub cast for Tribe Nine. However, they are not the only famous names to be associated with the project. Let us take a look at some of the other popular names that have been a part of the Tribe Nine Anime English Dub Cast.

Tribe Nine Anime Voice Actors English Dub Cast


There are a lot of well-known names that have given their voices in Tribe Nine. Let us take a look at some of the voices that brought the characters to life for a wider audience.

Jacob Hopkins – Shun Kamiya

Jacob Hopkins joined the main cast of Tribe Nine by becoming the voice actor for Shun Kamiya, the founder, and leader of the Minato Tribe. Readers might know Jacob Hopkins for his role as Alexander Drew in True Blood. In addition, Hopkins has also been the voice of Gumball in The Amazing World of Gumball. He got his start in anime as Fushi from To Your Eternity. However, Jacob is currently affiliated with Studiopolis, Bang Zoom!, Funimation, and Sound Cadence Studios.

Corpse Husband – Ojiro Otori

Popular American YouTuber, musician, and voice actor Corpse Husband joined the Tribe Nine Anime English Dub Cast as a voice actor for Ojiro Otori. As readers might know, Ojiro Otori is the main antagonist of Tribe Nine and serves as the leader of the Chiyoda Tribe. Corpse Husband has gained quite a mysterious aura as he chooses to remain faceless in all his content. His horror story narrations have been quite a hit due to his deep and low-pitched voice. Apart from this, the YouTuber is also popular due to his Among Us Let’s Play content.

Alexander Gross – Eiji Todoroki

American voice actor Alexander Gross was the voice behind pompous Setagaya Tribe member Eiji Todoroki. In addition to voice acting, Alexander is also a popular YouTuber who goes by the name of Octopimp. He is also known for Guilty Gear: Strive (2021), Wasteland 3 (2020) and Persona 5 Strikers (2020).

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Brendan Blaber – Manami Daimon

Another popular YouTuber that joined the dub cast for Tribe Nine was Brendan Blaber. He brought the mild-mannered Minato Tribe member Manami Daimon to life. Bredan is better known by his online persona JelloApocalypse. The YouTuber is quite popular with over 1.86 Million subscribers. He is currently working in two TV Series Sheepish and Wild Card.

Disguised Toast, Sykkuno & Valkyrae – Hannya Tribe [Ep11]

In addition, popular internet personalities Disguised Toast, Sykkuno & Valkyrae also made a brief cameo in the Tribe Nine Anime English Dub Cast. They were part of the Hannya Tribe for Episode 11. Disguised Toast is a popular content creator who got his start playing Heartstone and now has over 3 Million subscribers on YouTube. Meanwhile, Sykkuno has created his niche on Twitch where he is the 41st most-followed channel and is in the top 100 most-subscribed channels on Twitch. Valkyrae is YouTube’s most watched female streamer and has received a Game Award as well.

These are all the famous names that have been a part of the Tribe Nine English Dub Voice Cast. For more Anime updates, check out Games Adda’s Entertainment Section.