Corpse Husband Face Reveal: Valkyrae Weighs In

Why Corpse Husband chooses to remain faceless.

Corpse Husband is a YouTuber and musician who has a massive fan following. Even with the enormous amount of fame, only a few people have ever seen Corpse Husband. In fact, his face reveal rumours caused quite a ruckus last year. It is absolutely understandable why famous internet personalities choose to remain anonymous. With their popularity, streamers also attract miscreants who could potentially want to harm them. In fact, this is one of the massive anxieties for Corpse Husband who has chosen not reveal his face for this reason. Fellow streamer and friend Valkyrae weighed in on the situation on her stream.

Valkyrae Weighs In On Corpse Husband Face Reveal


Valkyrae started in the music video for DAYWALKER! as Corpse. She is one of the few people Corpse Husband is actually friends with in real life. The Youtuber is not shy about his fear of his identity being revealed. He has talked about this issue several times in his streams. In fact, he has been far less regular with his streaming after the face reveal rumours last year.

Valkyrae has an insight into the anxieties and fears Corpse Husband has about people finding out who he is in real life. The YouTuber is very continuous about keeping his personal life private. This is not an entirely unrealistic fear. Popular Twitch streamers like Pokimane and Nico have been harassed by obsessive fans.

In fact, Valkyrae herself has been subject to online harassment multiple times. She made her Twitter account private after a fan kept stalking her despite getting banned multiple times. Toxic fans are nothing new for streamers to encounter and it is understandable that Corpse Husband might want to avoid this.


Valkyrae Corpse Husband

Valkyrae weighed in on the situation when she explained why she agreed to appear in DAYWALKER! She said, “Corpse has actual like real anxiety and fear of the public”. The streamer further added that this was part of the reason she decided to do the music video. “I can’t imagine being in his position,” Valkyrae added. Further, she went on to explain that Corpse’s anxiety is on “a whole other level” something that other people “will never experience.”

It is not surprising that Corpse Husband is not comfortable in public gatherings. His song “agoraphobic” actually deals with these themes in detail. For someone with so much anxiety, it could not have been easy dealing with the face reveal fiasco last year. Something that started out small actually blew up into a conversation about internet toxicity. Perhaps the reactions of fans to the fake reveal have re-affirmed Corpse Husband’s resolve to keep his identity hidden.


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