The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 – Release Date, Plot, & Cast

Since anime fans are wondering when the Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 will release, here are all the details you need to know, including the release date, plot, cast, and more.

How long will I have to withstand the misery of waiting for the release of the Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2? If this question has been bugging you since the day you finished the awe-worthy Rising Of The Shield Hero then this article has some great news for you. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about this anime-manga series.

All About The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2

The Rising of the Shield Hero, which aired in 2019, is one of the few anime-manga series to have received major recognition and blossomed as a fan favorite from the genre’s massive pool. Therefore, it’s reasonable that you’re looking forward to the second season to see what’s in store for you.

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Fortunately, the developers have publicly confirmed that Rising of the Shield seasons 2 and 3 are in the works. There is still plenty of time for the specifics of Season 3 to unfold, but in the meantime, let’s dig at the highlights of Season 2.

The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date

On March 6, 2021, the popular anime streaming website officially posted a tweet confirming that Rising of the Shield season 2 will be unveiled in October 2021.

Before this official tweet, there was another tweet from Crunchyroll announcing the users,

“Crunchyroll, the world’s most popular anime brand, is excited to announce that ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero’ is coming back for two more seasons.”

Here’s another previous tweet from the developer himself,

Story Line

With the release date revelation, they also announced that the scripts are done and that the fights in the new series will be even more intense.

In the virtual edition of the Crunchyroll expo an official synopsis was also released saying, “As Naofumi, Raphtalia, and Filo are getting new companions, they’re also encountering a new enemy. Learn more about the huge turtle carrying a town on its back, and how the Shield Hero and his team will be fighting along their journey.”

It seems to be an epic journey, but this is just a small part of the narrative, and the whole tale will be unveiled only with the official release.

The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Trailor

Have a look at the teaser, which is embedded below.

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Spoiler Alert: You can skip this section if you don’t want any heads up!!

Naofumi’s New Party Members were advertised during the digital version of Crunchyroll Expo 2020. Masato Jinbo, the director, made the announcement with a picture and a special note.

Note 1 reads:

Naomi and his friends grew in the first season’s story. In the second season, they will take everything they learned from the first season to face new challenges. A giant enemy called the Spirit Turtle? Being transported further into another world? Naomi and his friends will have to face various new challenges.

Note 2 reads:

How will Naofumi, Raphtalia, and Filo will take them on, now that they’ve matured? I also hope everyone looks forward to seeing the new characters that join Naofumi’s party, Rishia, and Kizuna.


The full cast for Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 is yet to be finalized, although the following individuals are confirmed to feature in season 2.

  • Yoshitsugu Yamaya as Itsuki Kawasumi
  • Rina Hidaka as Filo
  • Makoto Takahashi as Motoyasu Kitamura
  • Maaya Uchida as Melty
  • Hiroki Yasumoto as Elhart
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Ren Amaki
  • Kaito Ishikawa as Naofumi Iwatani
  • Asami Seto as Raphtalia

That’s all we have on the Rising of the Shield Hero season 2; bookmark our site for an actual release date about which we will post as soon as we receive news from the developers.