Vinland Saga Season 2 Release Date, Teaser, Story, Special Project & More

Here’s some piece of news for Vinland Saga Season 2. Keep scrolling!

Vinland Saga is a remake of Makoto Yukimura’s Manga series, which falls into the genres of adventure and historical fiction. The first season premiered on July 7, 2019, with a total of 24 episodes, garnering immense popularity and overwhelming applaud from anime fans.

With the conclusion of 1st season, fans are wondering whether there will be a Vinland Saga Season 2 or not, hence this article is to address the same.

Vinland Saga Season 2Release Date

We are all aware that the Vinland Saga takes place in England in the 11th century. This Viking anime manga series focuses on a character named Thorfinn, who is hell-bent on taking revenge for his father’s death. Furthermore, he is seen gaining dominance, contributing to the rapid growth of King Cnut’s great historical empire.

Wit Studios has finally announced the second season of Vinland Saga. Along with the announcement, they also dropped a teaser trailer, showing off a brief snippets from the upcoming season.

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Vinland Saga Season 2 Story

Because the Vinland Saga producers have just launched a brief teaser, we can only speculate that season 2 will follow the narrative of season 1.

We can also assume that in Season 2, Thorfinn is prone to wage war with opponents to exact vengeance on his father’s death and prevail undefeated, I wouldn’t doubt that you’ll be curious to see how Thorfinn will deal with challenging situations.

Special Project

On New Year’s Eve, there was a tweet declaring a special project honoring the final episode of an anime series. More specifics were not given, but Season 2 seems to be on the prospect for 2021.

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Furthermore, there was a tweet from producer Shuuhei Yabuta of three lead Vinland Saga character sketches, as seen below, urging viewers to find a small Easter Egg in it. Each image has a Nordic rune penned on the bottom left representing English sounds, which when readout says “sea son two.”

Aside from that, each character is seen whining about Season 2. The mumbling goes something like this:

Thorfinn asks “How long must we wait?”

Askeladd replies “That’s why I hate kids.”

Canute says “It’s soon I guess.”

What clearer hint could there be than the director himself teasing fan?

That’s our blog on Vinland Saga Season 2. Keep up with us for any official updates on the same.