Fantasy Anime Like Goblin Slayer To Watch This Month (January 2022)

Here are the five best anime like Goblin Slayer to have you glued to the screen for hours.

The world of fantasy is huge, and you might have figured that after witnessing the limitless terror in Goblin Slayer, the most epic, intense, and standout anime of all time. If you loved this dark fantasy anime full of bloodshed and wild imagination, I’m sure you’re left craving more. To appease your hunger here’s the list of darkest anime like Goblin Slayer.

List Of Anime Like Goblin Slayer To Watch In 2022

With a shitload of hostility and inhumanity, Goblin Slayer is way more than your typical dark fantasy anime. The show has surpassed all irrational standards, effectively carving out a niche for itself among fans worldwide. If you like R-rated fantasy experiences, you will add the following anime like Goblin Slayer, to your watchlist right away.

Berserkanime like Goblin Slayer

Berserk is an excellent match for anime such as Goblin Slayer since both characters, Goblin Slayer and Berserk, are cold-blooded, inhuman, and merciless. Not only are the characters identical, but both anime have the horrific theme set in a twisted world full of harsh realities and explicit stories.

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Berserk is the anime to watch if you want to watch something more vicious and scary than Goblin Slayer.


If you like a narrative featuring gruesome twists and scenes, watch Akame Ga Kill! Witness Tatsumi’s journey in a capital with his two childhood best friends with the intention of making money to help their poor village.

Tatsumi, blind to the ugly reality behind the capital’s kind people, experiences the nightmares that hits his friends and agrees to support a revolutionary party known as the Night Raid. Their mission is to dethrone the prime minister and transform the world around them.

The anime, just like Goblin Slayer, is lined with graphic violence, and you may find yourself averting your eyes from certain plots that are painful to watch.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash)ANIME-LIKE-GOBLIN-SLAYER

If you wished for the kind of strong scenes Goblin Slayer features, you’ll really love the show for its vicious attacks and early demise.

A group of strangers together set on an adventure to survive in a mysterious universe, despite having only distant memories of their lives. Grimgar is a game-like universe where only the powerful exist and the vulnerable are quickly destroyed. To find stability, the strangers, given their differences, function together not only to save their own lives, but also the lives of the Grimgar community.


To be frank, you are highly mistaken if you believe that no show exceeds the questionable morality of Goblin Slayer because Overlord is much more epic, intense and serves as both the protagonist and the supreme villian.

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If you want to give this anime a shot, be willing to get trapped in it for hours because it is not only deep but also full of humour and entertainment while not losing its core theme of brutality.

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Starting Life in Another World from Zero)ANIME-LIKE-GOBLIN-SLAYER

Here applies the saying “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”. Despite the environment of this anime seeming less intense and violent, it is a kind of anime that will pull your heartstrings, break them and leave you in an emotional wreck.

Yes the anime is much more brutal than Goblin Slayer with perfect theme, graphics, characters & stories. So if you are desiring the darkest theme anime to watch then this is it!

This is our top choices for anime like Goblin Slayer. I’m sure you now have enough material to keep you occupied for many hours. I recommend you read our other article Anime Like Redo Of Healer if you haven’t already.