Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Gets Leaked On The Internet

Here's what will happen in AOT Chapter 139.

Ever since the first part of the popular anime Attack On Titan Season 4 released, there are millions of fans who have been desperately waiting to read the final chapter of AOT. For the unversed, Attack on Titan Chapter 139 is scheduled to release on April 9, 2021.

Ahead of its official release, there are numerous reports surfaced on the internet stating that the story of Attack On Titan Chapter 139 has been leaked. Before we tell you what will happen in Attack on Titan Chapter 139, let me tell you that all the leaks are not 100% right and could be a lot different than the actual plot.

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Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Gets Leaked

In the 138th chapter of Attack On Titan, we witnessed Mikasa having a great time with Eren. They both also indulged in some intimate moments but everything happened in a dream. Ever since the first part of Attack On Titan season 4 concluded, there are fans who are curious to know what will happen in the second part.

If you don’t mind reading spoilers and want to know what is going to happen in Attack On Titan Chapter 139 then keep reading this post.

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If anything to go by a data miner, the first chapter of AOT Chapter 139 will showcase the future memories of the attacking giants followed by Mikasa as she is kissing Eren’s severed head. There will be a conversation between Mikasa and Armin, wherein she informs him that Eren has gone.

After hearing their conversation, Ymir consoled her saying that she can fix everything. Post their conversation, Mikasa goes back in time and meets Eren, who is present there as a kid and adult as well.

When she meets Eren, she apologizes and promises to get everything fixed. Later, Eren embarks on a journey with Ymir to ask her something.

The data miner has also revealed that Eren implanted memories in Armin a way back and that he wants to kill both of them. This memory will get activated once when leaves for the heavenly abode. Levi, on the other hand, is unable to see from his right eye. The last page of the leak showcases Eren holding a baby in his hands and utter the word “Your Are Free.”

This is not only the Attack on Titan Chapter 139 leaks available on the internet, there are multiple leakers who have shared their version of the story. What all we can do is wait until April 9 and see which one is accurate.

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