Best Attack On Titan Quotes & Sayings – Emotional & Inspirational Quotes

Here’s the compilation of powerful Attack On Titan quotes and one-liners that will hit you hard and deep.

Attack On Titan is a well-known and commercially successful anime-manga series, beloved by anime fans worldwide. The plot is very inspirational, depicting humans’ struggle against the fearsome man-eating Titans. If you need a little push and inspiration to battle your demons, the Attack on Titan quotes enlisted here will do the trick.

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Attack On Titan Quotes – April 2021

Here’s the collection of best Attack On Titan quotes from Eren Yeager, Armin Arlert, Hange Zoe, and many other characters from the Japanese anime show that will boost your mood, make you energise and let you see things from a different perspective.

Eren Attack On Titan Quotesattack on titan quotes

“I Have To Be The One To Do This! I’ve Got To Settle This!”

“That Was A Move I Learned The Hard Way While You Were Lying Around. You Say Reality Is Living An Easy Life And Giving Into Your Feelings? How Can You Call Yourself A Soldier?”

“How Could Anything Be More Important Than Keeping Humanity From Being Wiped Out?”

“I Believe My Squad Will Be Victorious! Fight Well!”

“I Never Needed To Happen.”

“You’re Not Soldiers. You’re Not Warriors. You’re Just Murderers.”

“I’m Not Planning On Handing It Down To Any Of You.”

“I’m The Same As You. I Didn’t Have Any Other Choice.”

“You Have The Freedom To Defend The World’s Freedom And I Have The Freedom To Continue Moving Forward.”

“I’m Gonna Destroy Them! Every Last One Of Those Animals That’s On This Earth!”

“If you think reality is just living comfortably and following your own whims, can you seriously dare to call yourself a soldier?”

“What is the point if those with the means and power do not fight?”

“I don’t have time to worry if it’s right or wrong, you can’t hope for a horror story with a happy ending.”

“I want to see and understand the world outside. I don’t want to die inside these walls without knowing what’s out there.”

“Nothing can suppress a human’s curiosity.”

Marco Attack On Titan Quotes

attack on titan quotes (1)

“Get A Hold Of Yourself! You’re Not The Only One! We’re All Struggling With Our Fear…”

“To Join The Military Police Brigade And Devote Myself To The King, Sir!”

“Let’s Knock Off The Questions, People. There Are Some Things A Guy Doesn’t Wanna Remember.”

“I Think We’re All Tapped Out Of Ideas. So We Just Need To Throw Ourselves Into This One, Heart And Soul!”

“I Think Competition Is Necessary In The Group To Raise Our Skill Levels But I Can’t Help Thinking About Actual Fighting.”

“It’s Not Like We’re Afraid To Die… But… What The Hell Are We Dying For?”

“How Many Of Us Made It Using The Deaths Of Our Comrades?”

“What In The World Are You Talking About? What Do You Mean, Reiner? ‘My Titan?’ What Hole Did You Work So Hard To Make, Bertholdt?”

“Jean, I Think You’d Make A Better Leader Than Me.”

“Why Are You In Such A Rush? We Haven’t Even Had A Chance To Talk This Over!”

Petra Attack On Titan Quotesattack on titan quotes

“We Count On You And I Hope You’ll Count On Us.”

“You Must Be Disappointed In Us For Being Afraid And Acting Like Fools.”

“It’s Pretty Difficult, Making The Right Choice.”

Armin Attack On Titan Quotesattack on titan quotes

“Just Because The Wall Hasn’t Been Breached In 100 Years, There’s No Guarantee That They Won’t Break Through It Today, For Example.”

“I Swear I’ll Convince Them! You Two Do Your Best To Show Them You Don’t Intend To Resist!”

“You Just Told Me To Not Say A Word! So I’ll Show You Through My Actions.”

“If You’re Not Going To Go Along With This Plan, That Would Make You A Bad Person To Me.”

“Talk To Us! We’re Always Going To Be Together! Please, Don’t Go Any Further From Us Than You Already Have!”

“You’re only resorting to physical abuse because you can’t prove that I’m wrong.”

“I think there are times people have to die… even if I don’t like it.”

“When people are faced with a situation they don’t understand, it’s easy for fear to take hold.”

Erwin Attack On Titan Quotesattack on titan quotes

“None Of It Matters As You Lie, Bleeding Out, On The Battlefield.”

“It’s Us Who Gives Meaning To Our Comrades’ Lives!”

“If You Begin To Regret, You’ll Dull Your Future Decisions And Let Others Make Your Choices For You.”

“So Many Times I Thought Death Would Be So Much Easier.”

“They Want To Know What Became Of The Hearts They Gave.”

“My Soldiers, Rage! My Soldiers, Scream! My Soldiers, Fight!”

“This Moment! This Battle! Humanity’s Continued Survival Depends On It! So Once More, For Humanity’s Sake… Dedicate Your Hearts!”

Levi Attack On Titan Quotesattack on titan quotes

“This Is Just My Opinion, But When It Comes To Teaching Somebody Discipline… I Believe Pain Is The Most Effective Way.”

“Don’t Get Me Wrong. It’s Not Like I Don’t Trust Him. If He Betrays Us Or Goes Berserk, I’ll Put Him Down Without Hesitation.”

Hange Zoe Attack On Titan Quotesattack on titan quotes

“Ever since I joined the survey corps, I’ve had people dying on me everyday. But you understand, don’t you? One day or another, everyone you care about eventually dies. It’s something we simply can’t accept. It’s a realization that could drive you insane.”

“This Was My Decision.”

“I Want Everyone To Feel Safe Again Soon. I Want This To Be A World Where People Can Live Without Fighting Each Other.”

“The World Needs Paradis To Be The Root Of All Evil…”

Mikasa Ackerman Attack On Titan Quotesattack on titan quotes

“I Am Strong. Stronger Than All Of You. Extremely Strong. I Can Kill All The Titans Out There. Even If I Am Alone”

“A Lot Of People I Used To Care About Aren’t Here Either”

“If You Think It’s Natural For People To Die For Others. I’m Sure You’ll Understand That At Times, The Sacrifice Of A Single Precious Life Can Save Many Others
That’s Right… This World… Is Cruel. It Hit Me That Living Was Like A Miracle”

“Believe In Your Own Power”

“There Are Only So Many Lives I Can Value. And I Decided Who Those People Were Six Years Ago. So You Shouldn’t Try To Ask For My Pity. Because Right Now, I Don’t Have Time To Spare Or Room In My Heart.”

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