Princess Connect! Re:Dive Nozomi Sakurai – Relationship, Guild, Quotes & More

From her relationship, quotes to her guild here's all about Nozomi Sakurai.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive is one of the most popular Japanese role-playing video games developed by Cygames. It is a sequel to Princess Connect!, which was initially released on February 18, 2015.

There are many reasons why Princess Connect! Re:Dive became famous across the globe and one of them is its beautiful characters. There are dozens of characters in the game but who people love the most is Nozomi Sakurai.

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There are tons of fans who want to know everything about Nozomi Sakurai. If you are of them then you are at the right place. In this guide, we will talk about everything that Nozomi Sakurai’s fans should know about her, including her relationship, past life, quotes, and more.

Nozomi Sakurai: All You Need To KNow

Who Is Nozomi Sakurai?

Nozomi Sakurai is not only a known character in Princess Connect! Re:Dive but also the Guild Master of the guild called ‘Carmina.’

Why Did Nozomi Sakurai Create Carmina?

The beautiful character has always wanted to be Top Idon in the city of Landsol and become famous as part of the idol unit and that’s the reason why she created the guild, Carmina. After making the guild, she made her debut as an idol unit.

Unlike other beautiful girls, Nozomi loves to sing, dance and fight but she is not rich enough to fund her guild. In order to keep running the guild, she completes quests and kills monsters. There is no denying that she loves to dance and sing but she also loves to kill enemies with her powerful sword.

Is Nozomi Sakurai In A Relationship?

Being an Idol and master of the guild, she is not allowed to fall in love but she could not control her feeling for Yuuki. Yes, she is deeply in love with Yuuki, making her hesitate and think about the idol path she chose. Despite being in love with Yuuki, she focuses on being a Top Idol and openly confessed her love for Yuuki.

Nozomi Sakurai’s Quotes

Here are the top five quotes of Nozomi Sakurai:

  • “I’m going to aim to become a top idol! I’ll be counting on your support!”
  • “I do sometimes think that, if you wanted me to, then I’d be okay with not being an idol anymore. … But not very often!”
  • “In this song, the feelings of the girl’s unrequited love really come through? … Hee hee, you really are thick.”
  • “Once I become a top idol, what do you think the world will look like? When that time comes, will you still be here by my side…?”
  • “Sorry for the wait! Show time! This rhythm is for you!”

That’s everything you should know about Princess Connect! Re:Dive characters, Nozomi Sakurai.