AFK Arena: Voyage Of Wonders – The Depths Of Time 3 Guide

The following is a step-by-step guide to complete the Depths of Time 3 challenge in AFK Arena.

AFK Arena is the highly popular Tabletop RPG for its thrilling yet brainstorming challenges. The rewards one receive are also satisfying. Hence, no wonder that the realms in AFK Arena are just like it, demanding yet captivating at the same time. The Depths of Time 3 is one such Voyage of Wonders realm. However, it’s a bit more complicated and lengthy. Don’t worry, I’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you complete the Depths of Time 3 challenge quickly and easily.

AFK Arena: The Depths Of Time 3 Walkthrough

This new realm introduces a new chapter and a unique story to explore. To complete it and claim the rewards i.e. 10x Stargazing Cards and the usuals you have to make four runs. Well, you read that correctly, but no issues as it will all be worth it in the end if you follow the Depths of Time 3 step by step guide given below. Let’s get started.

Run 1

To complete the first run kindly follow the below steps.

  • Step 1: Follow the storyline if you want and use the portal positioned at the bottom of the map.THE-DEPTHS-OF-TIME-3-GUIDE
  • Step 2: You will end up visiting a devastated village from earlier times and your mission here is to gather the permit fragments from the ruins.
  • Step 3: In the city, rummage through the ruins to claim the first permit fragment. Then simply move to the north to find the next one and even a chest.THE-DEPTHS-OF-TIME-3-GUIDE (1)
  • Step 4: After collecting them all go to the original portal at the bottom to transverse back to the real world that is from where you started.
  • Step 5: Head to the city gate and offer the fragments to the gatekeeper. He will then unlock the gate for you to enter the village.
  • Step 6: Next, select the Warn option to inform the villagers about the upcoming events.
  • Step 7: Interact with the Maulers. You can find him near the fence of the northern village.
  • Step 8: Next you will encounter Rowan talk with him too and then Arden who is seen in the upper region of the village.
  • Step 9: Return to the bottom and use the portal once again. You will end up in the right section of the map.
  • Step 10: Now you will have to fight off two camps. Head to the north and the left to find the camps.
  • Step 11: After defeating the camps search the Neglected Halter to collect Divine Horn Relic.
  • Step 12: Position the relic in the northern alter and for that return to the left. Well, make sure to not move any further as camps there are deadly.
  • Step 13: Head to the right side again and alter will be removed automatically.
  • Step 14: Now you will have to unveil a hidden alter and for that move to the top of the right side. Open the hidden alter and you will see a boss camp. Defeat him and visit the left region of the map and then go to the top region.THE-DEPTHS-OF-TIME-3-GUIDE
  • Step 15: You will encounter two bosses one sitting at the top while another at the bottom. Destroy the top boss and claim the Crystal Chest as a reward. Return to the right and collect more chests.

Finally, your first run ends here. To start the second run guide restart the Depths of Time 3 realm.

Run 2

Now starts your second run again to complete it proceed with the steps given below.

  • Step 1: Repeat the step 1 to step8 from the first run.
  • Step 2: Select the Request Help and then Blessing option.
  • Step 3: Head to the right of map, defeat two camps & collect the Golden chest.
  • Step 4: After defeating the camps search the Neglected Halter to collect Divine Horn Relic.
  • Step 5: Position the relic in the northern alter and for that return to the left. This time kill the boss you spared in the first run. You will find him at the top region of the map.
  • Step 6: Next, allow the Zolrath to perform the evil deed. THE-DEPTHS-OF-TIME-3-GUIDE.jpg
  • Step 7: A Crystal chest will appear from which you can grab the reward. The reward includes 5x more Stargazing Cards.

Your guide to the second run finishes and restart the Depths of Time 3 to start the third run.

Run 3

To warn you before the third run is pretty sinful. You will find out as you progress through the below steps.

  • Step 1: Repeat step 1 to step 7 from the first run.THE-DEPTHS-OF-TIME-3-GUIDE (1)
  • Step 2: Next, select the option Villagers Building and then Begin Battle.
  • Step 3: Villagers will transform into camps which you need to kill. Also, kill Arden and then return to the village to kill Rowan as well.THE-DEPTHS-OF-TIME-3-GUIDE
  • Step 4: Now pick the Question option. Return to the right side of the map to collect all the available chests.

The third run of the guide Depths of Time 3 finishes. Now starts the last and final run.

Run 4

The major part of the beginning of the fourth run is similar to the third run. Follow the steps below and check yourself.

  • Step 1:  Repeat step 1 to step 7 from the first run.
  • Step 2: This time you have to defeat the Maulers and not the human villagers.THE-DEPTHS-OF-TIME-3-GUIDE
  • Step 3: Return to the Rowan and choose the Question option.
  • Step 4: A Drez along with your final reward i.e. Golden Chest will appear on the right.
  • Step 5: Claim your rewards and you are done!

Pheww!!! These are far too many steps, but fingers crossed the challenge is now crystal clear. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Start exploring the Depths of Time 3 realm using this guide. Do let me know how much you enjoyed it, which I am sure you will. You can also look into the AFK Arena Hunter Trail walkthrough, as it offers the greatest rewards.