AFK Arena: Voyage Of Wonders – The Hunting Trail Guide

This guide will show you how to easily solve the Hunting Trail realm in AFK Arena.

The fun and adventurous AFK Arena is back with another beautiful world, Hunting Trail, that you will definitely enjoy solving. The theme and aesthetics are attractive, and the rewards are far better than those offered in the previous Voyage of Wonders of realms. I agree that great rewards imply more complex and difficult missions. However, if you follow this AFK Arena Hunting Trail guide, it won’t be tough to crack. So, without any further ado let’s proceed with the walkthrough.

AFK Arena – The Hunting Trail Guide

Since each adventure has its own lore and provides varied prizes, the Hunting Trail is no exception. This adventure grants the following when solved successfully.

  • 10x Regular Summon Scrolls
  • 10x Stargazing Cards
  • Purple  Emblems
  • Yellow Emblems
  • Boosters

Finally, the AFK Arena Hunting Trail guide starts with the following steps.

  • Step 1: Step on the button to lower the glass ball.
  • Step 2: Using the Battering Ram, push the ball through the barriers on the left. The upper portion, which contains the first Crystal Chest, will be unveiled.
  • Step 3: In the next section, produce snowballs using the Snowman on the right. Position the snowball on the trigger stone and a gate will be unlocked. But before that, you need to step on the trigger stone and use a Battering Ram.
  • Step 4:  After that, head towards the bottom left and you’ll see a gate. Enter the gate and you will end up in the next section of the AFK Arena Hunter Trail guide. Collect the Golden chest by clearing up the camp above.
  • Step 5: Clean the next camp and collect one more Golden chest. This step is necessary for Snowman to deliver the snowball to the next trigger using a Battering Ram. After this, a glass ball will be pushed down and a gate will be unlocked forever.
  • Step 6: Now using a snowman on the right, take the snowball to the next part where you require the most.
  • Step 7: It’s time to take the snowball on track, walk around, clear the camp, and finally hit the lower end segment awaiting a glass ball and two Battering Ram.
  • Step 8: Start the chain reaction with the help of a Battering Ram, clear all the camps, and claim as many Golden Chests as possible.
  • Step 9:  Now make your way to the trails and you will spot two glass balls positioned one beside the other. Step on the trigger stone and make use of the Battering Ram two times in a row. This will bring the two glass balls to the upper region of the map.
  • Step 10: Position the two glass balls to the middle part of a triangle in the top-left corner by using a Battering Ram.
  • Step 11: Next, step on the middle cart trigger to bring the cart to the bottom part.
  • Step 12: Allow the snowball to hold down the trigger but before that send it using a Snowman.
  • Step 13: Move over the trails to find out the last door unlocked. It’s your door to final boss camps as well as the second Crystal chest holding 10x Stargazer Cards.

The Hunter Trail is finally finished. Cheers on your success!!

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That’s the ultimate guide to AFK Arena The Hunting Trail, which I’m sure will be incredibly helpful.