Darkness and Flame: Missing Memories Walkthrough

Here's a complete walkthrough of Darkness and Flame: Missing Memories.

It has been many years since Darkness and Flame 2 Missing Memories launched for Android and iOS but there are thousands of fans who still love to play it and read its complete walkthrough.

If you are here to read Darkness and Flam2  walkthrough then you are at the perfect place. This post covers a complete walkthrough of all five chapters — The Hermit, The Stone of Fire, The Island, Myrthe, and also the Bonus Chapter


Darkness and Flame 2 Missing Memories Walkthrough

Chapter 1 The Hermit

  • Take Razor, open backpack, and remove rope by using it. Make sure to collect Diary and Valve.
  • Take Mug, which can be found on the table.
  • Place Value and Mug
  • Fetch water in the Mug and Open the door.
  • Go forward and take the left turn.
  • Take Road Sign Fragment and Open jacket and take capsule and Pipe lying on the floor.
  • Take and place the seat on the floor.
  • Take Crowbar and Bag of Charcoal
  • Use Pipe, Open crate, and take PUMP and Jack.
  • Place Jack on the floor.
  • Walk down and Use a crowbar.
  • Play Hop and get the Utility Knife and go forward.
  • After opening the Bag of Charcoal by using the Utility Knife, take Charcoal and place it.
  • Place Flat Tire and use PUMP and Go forward.
  • Knock, take Butterfly.
  • Take Stone and attach the hose
  • Move boards and take Stone.
  • Take Casket and place stone and two stones.
  • Take Butterfly and place two of them there. Solution: 2-1-3-4-5-2-1-4-7-5-4-6-3-1-2-5-4-2-1-4-6-3-4 and go forward.
  • Move recipe and collect Key, Deer Figurine, and Knife.
  • Use the Knife and take Snake Figurine, Bottle of Acid, and Hammer and use the Key that you just pick up.
  • Play Hop, Solution. and Get Fruit.
  • Use the Hammer and keep going on.
  • Solution. Pull up the plant and take Root with Knife.
  •  Use a Bottle of Acid and open the door and go.
  • Take capsule.
  • Solution (M); take WASP FIGURINE and ROPE (N).
  • Go down.
  • Place and tie ROPE; take HANDSAW and keep going.
  • Use HANDSAW and take HANDWHEEL.
  • Take Honeycomb with Knife and go down.
  • Put the Honeycomb and take part and go.
  • Put the Part and play mini-game.
  • Take Syringe and Tweezers.
  • Head to Desert Settlement and place Handwheel and pull the lever.
  • Take Lizard Figurine and Scythe and go.
  • Take Scorpion with Tweezers and go.
  • Take a Cactus Flower with Scythe and go down.
  • Make sure to collect Fruit, Root, and Cactus Flower.
  • Solve the mini-game and use Antidote.


Chapter 2 Stone of Fire

  • Head over to the path leading to a Bone.
  • Pick up the bone and throw it and get Flint.
  • Take Figurine and Splinters.
  • Put Splinters and use Flint. Place Snow in Cauldron and take Cauldron of Hot Water.
  • Use it and take Crystal and go forward.
  • Mini Game Solution (M): right-left-forward-left-right-left-left-right-forward-right.
  • Take both Bas- Relief Part
  • Roll Snowballs
  • Take Crystal and Inspect door and put two crystals into it.
  • Go forward.
  • Take Shovel and Plank.
  • Shift objects: take BAS-RELIEF PART and BOOK (V).
  • Take Pen and Paper and Bas Relief Part
  • Take Cryptex and go down.
  • Use Shovel and take Oil
  • Use Oil and turn the key and go forward.
  • Take Bas Relief Part and Fish Figurine and put Plank
  • Take Gear and go down twice.
  • Out the GEAR (F), play Hop, and get Bird Figurine.
  • Put the Deer Figurine on Casket.
  • Put Snake Figurine and find Eggs.
  • Put Wasp Figurine
  • Put Lion Figurine. Move lions.
  • Put Lizard Figurine
  • Put Fish Figurine
  • Put Bird Figurine and remove clouds.
  • Take Hieroglyphic Message and Bird Figurine and go forward twice
  • Move Drapes and place Hieroglyphic message and go forward.
  • Take Bas Relief Part and place hand.
  • Take Pick Axe.
  • Put the Pen and Paper and get HINT.
  • Put the Bird Figurine and go down.
  • Place Hint on Cryptex and Enter the code. Take Deity Shaped key.
  • Put the Deity Shaped Key and play Hop and get Flower.
  • Go down and take the left turn.
  • Use pick axe and take Bas Relief Part.
  • Put Seven Bas Relief Parts.
  • Take Mosaic parts.
  • Go to Secret Chamber
  • Put the Flower and place Mosaic Parts.
  • Solve the puzzle and Inspect.

You can watch the following YouTube video to understand the game in a better way.


Chapter 3 The Island

  • Head over to Mountain Foothills.
  • Have a talk and get the Key.
  • Use the Key and go forward.
  • Take Fuel and Rail Part.
  • Take Fastening and Club and move all the rocks that lying on the Railway track.
  • Take Capsule and Clippers and put Rail Part and Fastening and go down.
  • Use Flippers and take RAG and LEVER and combine them with Club.
  • After wrapping a rag around the Club and pouring Fuel, get a Torch.
  • Light and Torch and keep moving on.
  • Place Lever and Use Torch.
  • Take Rope and Go forward.
  • Take OAR and move shells and take Load
  • Use the Knife and take SAILCLOTH.
  • Take Capsule and Flame: Missing Memories
  • Use RAKE and take KEY (W) and go forward.
  • Use the obtained Key and Play Hop and get Nail Puller.
  • Use Nail Puller and get MAST and go down.
  • Assemble RAFT, Place MAST, Use rock and put SAILCLOTH, ROPE and OAR.
  • Take PIPE and go forward.
  • Take LOAD and move Vines.
  • Take SPREADER and go down.
  • Put SPREADER and take BRUSH.
  • Put BRUSH and take FISHING ROD and go down.
  • Throw Fishing Rod and Catch fish
  • Take and Place Load and go forward.
  • Go Down
  • Use Garden Shears and go forward.
  • Talk and Receive MAP.
  • Put the Map and select the Indicated Flowers.
  • Use Rope With Hook.
  • Put the map and select Indicated Flowers.
  • Put the MAP (U) and select Indicated Flowers.
    Use Rope With Hook and go forward.
    Go forward.
  • Take DARTS and BELL and Walk down.
  • Push the Bell and Get the Key and move on.
  • Use the obtained Key and Play HOP.
  • Get the Sleeping option.
  • Go to on the Mountain.
  • Dip Darts in Sleeping Option and place Darts in PIPE and Get Blow Pipe.
  • Use Blow Pipe and take Bunch of Keys.
  • Remove Keys from Bunch Of Keys and bend the Wire into a Hook.
  • Put Keys and solve the puzzle and move on.
  • Take Detail and Staff
  • Take KEY with HOOK.
  • Go down twice.
  • Place DETAIL.
  • Take KEY and CHISEL.
  • Go forward twice.
  • Put Chisel and Use Rock and get Crystal.
  • Go to Swamp.
  • Put the CRYSTAL and take ROPE LADDER.
  • Go forward.
  • Take KEY with STAFF.
  • Head to On the Mountain.
  • Put the ROPE LADDER; take KEY and MUSHROOM.
  • Go to Tree House.
  • Put the MUSHROOM.
  • Take Statue Eye and go down twice.
  • Put the Statue Key and take Rune.
  • Take a left turn keep going on.
  • Place RUNE and solve the puzzle.
  • Go Forward.
  • Place five Keys and talk
  • Go down seven times.
  • Take Lantern and go to the Temple.
  • Place and move Lantern. Take colorful Mosaic Parts.
  • Go down and take the left turn.
  • Put the Colorful Mosaic parts and solve the puzzle.
  • Take Energy Crystal and go down three times.
  • Put the Energy Crystals.


We will update the remaining two chapters in the times to come. If you loved reading Darkness and Flame 2 Missing Memories Walkthrough for the first three chapters then stay tuned to Games Adda for the remaining chapters.