Valorant Next Night Market? (May 2022)

When is the next Valorant Night Market?

Valorant is a tactical FPS free-to-play game that has gained massive popularity over the years since its release. The game keeps its massive player base happy by providing new content regularly. Players can enjoy a large variety of in-game cosmetics and new skins by purchasing them through the Valorant Store. However, skins can be quite expensive in the game. This is where the Night Market comes into play. The Night Market offers players a chance to purchase five skins at a discounted rate. It can be quite tricky to pin down when the Night Market is taking place in Valorant though.

When Is The Next Valorant Night Market?


Since players can get their desired skins at a discounted rate with the Night Market, naturally they want to know when it is happening next. While future dates are yet to be revealed, players can expect the Night Market to pop up every two months or so for 12 days at a time. According to Valorleaks, the Night Market is set to arrive in the game soon.


All players can do for now is sit tight and wait for the Night Market to come around.

What Does The Valorant Night Market Offer?

Players will be able to access all Valorant skins except the Ultra Editions in the Night Market. Each player will be offered six skins and it is not possible to predict what skin will be up for grabs for each player. The process is totally random and any six skins could be offered to players. Moreover, if you’re wondering how to enter the Valorant Night Market once it is in the game, read below.


Night Market Valorant

Where To Find The Valorant Night Market?

The Night Market can be accessed by a prompt on the left side of the main menu. Once you click on the prompt, you will be taken to the shop. This is where players can find their skins for the month. After exiting the shop, you can re-enter the Night Market by clicking the card at the top right of the screen next to the store tab.


Is It Possible To Reroll In Night Market?

It is not possible to reroll in the Night Market. The skins being offered are the only ones players will have a chance to choose from that month. Players will have to wait for the next Night Market if they want different skins.

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