Valorant Update Keeps Pausing Fix

If your Valorant keeps pausing every time you try to update it and you are unable to resume it then here is a fix for you!

Valorant is a popular first-person hero shooter game played and loved by thousands of players. It is a big game whose graph is just meeting higher altitudes. All the players are crazy for its amazing graphics, weapons, and gameplay. Riot games make sure to keep updating new features from time to time to keep up the count of players and keep them entertained.

These updates are very frequent and take up little time. But unfortunately, there are many players who are facing issues when there try to update the game. The Valorant update keeps pausing from time to time and looking for ways to fix it. If you are also one of the Valo players who is facing this issue then you are in right place. Read this article till the end to understand why this issue is occurring and if there is any way to fix it from your end.

Why Does Valorant Update Keep Pausing?

Valorant is a large PC game that needs a specific system requirement to run smoothly on any system. Not all the updates in Valorant are small in size. It requires a good internet connection and enough space to get into your PC swiftly. If you do not, meet these two basic primary requirements it is pretty normal for you to face this issue.

But if you have these primary basic essentials and you are still facing a Valorant update keeps pausing issue then there can few reasons for it. Check the list given below to see where you are lacking to download Valorant break free.

Reasons For Valorant update keeps pausing Issue:

  • Not enough space on your device.
  • Poor internet connection
  • One of the common reasons to face this issue is because of running too many applications at the same time.
  • Many devices are connected to the same router.
  • Faulty DNS

How To Download Valorant Updates Faster Without Pausing?

Here are a few solutions for all the players who are facing Valorant update keeps pausing issue to download them without any interruption.

  • Make sure you have stable and good internet on your computer.
  • Do not multitask and use other apps minimizing the updates.
  • Try to limit the number of devices connected to your router to download it faster.
  • Restart your router.
  • If these above solutions do not work, Cancel the download restart your game, and try to download the updates again.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Check DNS settings

This is everything you can do from your end to fix the Valorant update keeps pausing issue. For more errors and issues in Valorant click on this link as we have covered fixes for almost all the errors in Valorant.