Will I Get Banned for Using Skin Changer in Valorant?

Is skin changer a bannable offence in Valorant?

In this 5v5 FPS game, you can fight, change weapon skin colours and do so much more! But changing skins in the game costs real money that a lot of us don’t have. Not only that, but the cost of these skins is also high. And so, many players resort to different means to get them. A third-party software called Skin Changer has recently come into the market. This software allows you to install all of the skins in the game for free. But with Riot’s policies against such apps, players are unsure if they will get banned for using the app. Here is everything that you need to know about Skin Changer and whether it will get you banned on Valorant.

Does Skin Changer Get You Banned on Valorant

Want to use a Skin Changer on Valorant but you're afraid of getting banned by Riot? Here is the guide to find out if it is legit or not.

Unfortunately, if you use Skin Changer to change skins in Valorant then you will get banned. Even if devs don’t notice it immediately, within a week, you will find that you have been banned from playing Valorant. Since all of the skins in the game are bought with real money, it is unfair to legit players. Not only that but allowing players to use third-party apps encourages hacking as well. It would allow players to use third-party apps without any issue.

Since none of these Skin Changer apps are official, you will not be able to use them on Valorant. The only way to get any of these skins for free is by grinding and unlocking character contracts. This will get you limited but cool weapon skins in Valorant. As well as help you upgrade your own skills in the game. Which is a definite win.

With skins as cool as these, it’s no surprise why we can’t wait to get them in our inventory. We too were sad when we found out that we can’t use Skin Changers in Valorant without getting banned. Remember kids, nothing in this world comes free. And definitely not in Valorant of all places. Even though it does suck, this is the fate of all legit gamers. Check out this article to learn how you can get free skins on Valorant.