How To Get Radianite Points In Valorant

What are Radianite Points in Valorant?

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person shooter game. There are two types of currencies in the game Valorant Points (VP) and Radianite Points(RP). Radianite Points can be used to upgrade certain types of weapon skins. However, how do players get Radianite Points in Valorant? Let us find out.

Valorant: How To Get Radianite Points?


As we stated above, RP can be used to purchase premium content and level up weapon skins in Valorant. Meanwhile, players can use Valorant Points to get bundles, weapon skins, playercards, gun buddies, agents as well as Radianite Points.

The easiest way to collect Radianite Points is by purchasing Battle Passes. Every Pass offers 160 RP that can be unlocked through 50 tiers. However, players that choose not to purchase the 1,000 VP Battle Pass can still get the Radianite Points through free chapter rewards. Players can collect 30 RP though this method.

Another great way to claim free RP in Valorant is through the Amazon Prime Gaming. Players can claim RP by linking the Amazon Prime account with their Riot account.

Moreover, players can also gain RP by trading in Valorant Points. However, players should keep in mind that this transaction is irreversible. Players can get 20 RP for 1600 Valorant Points. Players looking for more RP can get 40 Radianite Points for 2800 VP. In addition, players can also get 80 RP for 4800 Valorant Points.

Once players have sufficient RP in their inventory, they can use these to upgrade weapon skins. To do this, players can select the weapon skin and browse through the available upgrades. Now, players must confirm their upgrade and spend the RP for it. Now, players can equip these weapon skins from the Collection tab. Players are now ready to show off their upgraded weapon skins in the game.

This is all about how players can get Radianite Points in Valorant. For more Valorant content, check out Valorant: What Does ‘Thrifty’ Mean? (Explained)