Valorant Packet Loss Error: What Is It & How To Fix It in 2022?

Looking for ways to fix Packet Loss issue in Valorant? If yes, then here you go!

Packet Loss issue is an issue that is caused due to network congestion. When the data or a packet of data is sent from your system is not received by the servers or vise versa it is called a Packet Data issue. You can experience this issue in not Valorant but in any other game or site. It’s a command issue usually caused by the server outage or the connectivity issue and can be fixed by following a few easy steps.

So, if you are experiencing a Packet Loss issue and are looking for solutions to fix it then here is a solution for you. Follow the steps given in the guide below to fix the error from your end!

How To Detect Valorant Packet loss Issue?

Valorant Packet Loss

Before you go for ways to fix the Packet Loss fixes let us first learn about how to detect Packet Loss in Valorant. Here are all the steps to detect the loss and keep an eye on it.

  • Launch Valorant and sign in to Riot Games.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the game.
  • Head to the Settings from the main screen.
  • Head to the Video tab scroll down and find the ‘Packet Loss’ option under Network.
  • Here you will get three options Text, Graph, or Both.
  • Turn any one or both the options on to get notified about Packet Loss while playing Valorant.

Turning this option on will help you constantly get an idea about Packet Loss while playing Valorant. So if and when you notice that there is an issue then you can use the solutions given below to fix them.

Valorant Packet Loss Error Fix 2022

As mentioned earlier the issue is usually caused due to network congestion or due to the server outage in your area. So without wasting any time let us get started with all the solutions to fix the issue!

1. Check Your Network Connection

Make sure your system is connected to the fastest internet connection. To do that run a quick speed test on your device and see if the network is working fine. You can also restart your WiFi router and connect it to your device and see if the issue is fixed. If this does not fix the issue that means the issue is from the server’s end. Read further to know how to check that.

2. Check For Server Outage/ Server Status

There are three ways to check for server outage or server status in Valorant. Visit any of the free sites given below and check the server status of the game. If you come across any announcement or report regarding a server issue wait patiently for a while until it’s fixed!

  • Head to the official Riot Games Service Status site and see if there is an issue reported in the last 24 hours.
  • Check the official Twitter handle of Valorant for any announcement regarding the Server Outage.
  • Or the last option is to go on Reddit and look for players experiencing the same issue.

3. Use VPN

There is a chance that the server issue is limited to a specific area. So if you are impatient and can’t wait till the maintenance break or server outage is lifted you can install a VPN on your device. Install a VPN and change your current location and try logging into Valorant again and see if fix the issue!

That’s all you need to know about the Packet Loss issue in Valorant. Check out another article on how to return and refund Valorant skins.