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Valorant Mumbai Server Status (November 2022)

What is the current status of the Valorant Mumbai Server?

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person hero shooter that has a massive player base all over the world. India is no different and has a lot of Valorant players. However, recently the Valorant Mumbai Server seems to be having some trouble and players are eager to get a status update.

Let us see what’s the status for the Valorant Mumbai Server  right now.

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What Is The Valorant Mumbai Server Status?


The Mumbai server for Valorant has been reportedly facing troubles for the last 24 hours. A lot of players have reported issues with server connection, login, and gameplay. Some players are also reporting that their account data has been wiped and they are back to Level 1. This can be obviously be quite frustrating for gamers that have spent long hours accumulating progress in the game.

However, for now, there has been no official address from Riot Games regarding the situation. This can mean that there is an unexpected technical issue at the end of the game’s server. Scheduled maintenance and patches are announced beforehand by Valorant.

How To Check The Valorant Mumbai Server Status?

There are multiple sites that provide players with the option of checking the server status on their favorite game. If a game is experiencing trouble, players will be able to see it there. This site also states which cities around the world are experiencing the most issues with the game at a given time.

Downdetector is one such site where players can check if other players around the word are experiencing the same issues as them. If the site states that there is no issue with the servers, the problem might be at the player’s end.

If players are unable to login to Valorant, they can check out some quick fixes with How To Fix Log In Issues In Valorant?