Valorant: Indian Agent Varun Batra Arriving In The Game?

Find out everything that has been revealed so far about this upcoming Agent.

Valorant is a game that is massively popular all around the world. The Agents in the game are often reflective of this hailing from countries all around the world. While Valorant is quite popular in India, the country still does not have its own Agent. Things might be about to change though. Valorant developers are reportedly in the works to bring Indian Agent Varun Batra to the game.

Since it is only speculation at this point, players can only wait for an official announcement to learn more. However, there are a few things that we have learned about the upcoming Agent from the hints dropped by the developers.

Is Valorant Agent 21 Varun Batra Indian?

Even if a new Indian Valorant Agent Varun Batra is being released in the game, players will have to wait a while for it. However, the Valorant developers did drop a major hint about the arrival of a new Agent. The information was relayed as a message from Fade to Brimstone. She discloses in the message that Omega Earth’s Varun Batra was an antiquities expert working with Legion.

So far, we know that Alpha Earth’s Varun Batra is working with REALM that deals with recovering antiques from the black market. This also hints that there could be some form of interaction between Chamber and the new Agent. There hasn’t been any mention of the skillsets for this new Agent either.

However, this Agent might have water-based powers in the game. This is because  Valorant Agent Varun Batra shares his name with the Indian god Varuna, the god of oceans. This might be a nod towards his abilities and skill set in the game. However, players will naturally have to wait and see when this Agent actually arrives in the game.

The next Valorant update might bring more news regarding the reported content. In the meanwhile, players can check out more Valorant content with the Best Valorant Stat Trackers.