How To Gift In Valorant

Do you want to gift Valorant items to your friends?

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person hero shooter that is a lot of fun to play with friends. However, unlike other games, Valorant does not have a straightforward gifting system. Players cannot just gift items or skins to other players in the game. There is still a way to gift friends in Valorant though.

Let us take a quick look at how players can gift in Valorant.

How To Give A Gift In Valorant?


Players can directly trade or gift skins to other players in Valorant. However, this does not mean that gifting is impossible in the game. Players can still gift a prepaid Riot gift card to their friends.

These gift cards can be purchased virtually or players can even get an actual card to gift to their friends. Each card comes with a unique code that will only work once. Players can choose the card they want to pick according to their budget. Riot offers a number of options for players.

Riot Gift Card Prices

If players do not want to splurge too much, they can go with the €5 option which gives 475 Valorant Points. Alternatively, players can also opt for the €10 or €20 gift card. These give 950 and 1950 Valorant Points respectively. For players that want a bigger gift card, there are €25 and €35 gift cards available. These will give 2450 and 3325 Valorant Points to the receiver.

For players that are looking to splurge, there is a €50 gift card which would give 5025 Valorant Points. Moreover, players can go big with the €100 gift card which gives 10500 Valorant Points.

Currently, this is the only option to give a gift in the game. While gifting skins has been a long requested feature by the players, there is no sign that it will be introduced in the game. Therefore, players will have to make do with the Riot gift cards for now.

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