Valorant Queue Disabled Error (Fix)

Here is how you can fix the Valorant Queue Disabled error whenever it shows up as you play the game.

When you play any Battle Royale game, you know that joining a game is one thing but queuing for the next is a battle of its own. With Valorant not recognising you as an active player sometimes, this can mean that it will disable the queue for you. Here is your guide on how to fix the ‘Valorant Queue Disabled’ error.

How to Fix the ‘Valorant Queue Disabled’ Error?


Fix the Valorant queue disabled error

When you get this error, you should close the game down and restart Client. This will clear up the error and have you joining in with the next group of people playing.

**Note, switching tabs and moving around the app will not fix things. Shutting down the Client and restarting it seems to be the only thing that fixes the ‘Valorant Queue Disabled’ error. Which will get you right back into the game queue.


Unfortunately, this is an issue with Riot’s side of things. And so, there is nothing else that players can do to resolve the issue. This error usually occurs when the game is going through an update and so, it comes in the way as a glitch in the system.

But on the bright side, this glitch will stop coming in the way as well when the update is complete. Despite the error being a tiresome nuisance, we are hopeful that Riot will fix this issue soon. While you may face this issue after most matches, this should not come in the middle of you enjoying the game as you play it.

Luckily for us, this error doesn’t come during matches and will not affect you during gameplay. Well, this was how you can fix the Valorant Queue Disabled error. Well, maybe not fix…. but temporarily stabilize the issue, for sure!


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