Valorant Endeavor Bundle: Release Date, Cost & More

Endeavor Bundle is expected to follow the Team Ace collection

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person shooter game that has gathered immense popularity within the gaming community. The game constantly releases new content to keep its players hooked. Currently, the Team Ace collection is being featured in the Valorant store and the Endeavor Bundle is expected to follow soon after. So, what can players expect from this new bundle and when can they expect it? That is exactly what we will reveal in the article below.

Valorant Endeavor Bundle Release Date


While there has been no official confirmation about the release date of the Endeavor Bundle, it is expected to arrive soon after the Team Ace collection ends. This means that the bundle could make its Valorant debut somewhere between 29-31 March. However, this is just speculation based on the game patterns. There may still be some alternations in the dates depending on the developers.

Valorant Endeavor Bundle Skins & Cost

Due to leaks by the ValorLeaks Twitter account, we now have an idea about the sort of skins to expect with the bundle. This bundle seems to be targeted towards economy rather than opulence. According to leaks, it does not feature any variants, levels, or finishers. Moreover, it only features confirmed gun skins so far. The Valorant Endeavor Bundle does not feature a Melee weapon skin so far. Till now Vandal, Ghost, Operator, Bulldog, and Ares have been confirmed to be getting new skins with this bundle.



The Endeavor Bundle is a part of the Select Skin Tier. Players purchasing the entire bundle will have to part with 2930 VP to do so. Meanwhile, the price of an individual skin is 875 VP. As players will see, these prices are low compared to the cost of a normal Valorant Bundle. While it may not have much in terms of flair, it does rest easier on the pocket.

We will keep readers updated as new information about the Valorant Endeavor Bundle is released. In the meantime, check out the Best Laptops To Play Valorant.



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