Top 5 Best Aim Trainers to Improve Your Aim in Valorant

Here are the best aim trainers for Valorant players looking to brush up their skills.

A popular team-based shooter game, Valorant has set itself apart from other FPS games like Fortnite and PUBG. In a game like this, we all know how important it is to have the proper aim while on the move. Working against 5 skilled shooters can be tough addition as well. Especially when you don’t know how to go about it on your own. No worries though, we know that the game can be tough. If you have come into it late and you want to level up fast, here is the guide for you. Learn how to improve your aim with any one of these aim trainers in Valo. Go ahead and pick the aim Valorant aim trainer that suits you best.

Which Is The Best Aim Trainer In Valorant


Best Aim Trainer For Valorant

Here are the top 5 contenders for the best aim trainer in Valorant.




Aimlab is a free-to-download aim trainer for Valorant. This third party software was the official FPS training partner in the NA VALORANT Challenger Series. And is a great way to not only learn how to aim but also learn the maps that you play with easily. Here, you can track your records and it will actually show you your progress as you game. Even pro players like TenZ use this aim trainer when they want to improve their in-game progress. It covers all areas of aim, including tracking, flicking, speed, perception and cognition among many others. It even runs smoothly across a majority of systems! This makes it one of the best for warm-ups just before ranked matches. Best part? It’s totally free!

Download Aimlab from their site here.



Kovaaks Best Aim Trainer For Valorant

A fan favourite, Kovaak’s is a third-party app that you can use to improve your aim. The range of exercises in this aim trainer for Valorant is one of the best. This is one of the cleanest and most optimised aim trainers. It is actually made specifically for Valorant. Players get to convert their exact settings among the many advantages it has over the other trainers. Only problem? You have to pay to use it. I know. It’s a shame that you can’t really have all the fun and experience of an aim trainer like this for free. But it’s a good thing that this trainer isn’t on the expensive side of things.


Download Korvaak’s from Steam here.

Use to improve your aim with video guides and lessons. It has around 20 videos and 60 lessons for you to learn from. First, it will check your accuracy and then you will be able to improve based on some training. Use their training drills such as tracking, flicking, and target switching to do better. And soon enough, you’ll be a pro! You definitely will learn a lot with this app and you can always log in to continue practice whenever you want. You can even practice playing more games than just Valorant. For Free! So get on this aim trainer to become the best in Valorant.

To get your practice started, go here.


AimTastic Best Aim Trainer For Valorant

This is a fantastic trainer simply because you get to practice with movement as well. No longer are you just standing as you shoot the AI bots. Instead, you are forced to move as you shoot your targets. It even has archery targets instead of spheres and player models. Here, you navigate between different maps as you practice getting your aim right. Now, you can practice getting your aim right as you walk across a corner and go up or down a staircase. If that’s not really your speed then you can always fine-tune your aim by going through the more classic tile shooting drills in the game. This aim trainer is one of our more unique finds to play Valorant with.

Get the app for free right here from Steam.

Shooting Range

Shooter Range Best Aim Trainer For Valorant

The Shooting Range may seem to be one of the simplest places for you to go to.  This range may seem like the most basic one on the list. But trust us, it is a decent one where you can pick your own agent and gun to simply get on with it. Since you’re on the game already, the range has all of your settings. On this aim trainer for Valorant, you get to choose your difficulty as well as bot armour and ammo settings. Which isn’t a bad deal really.

To access the Shooting range, simply follow these steps:

Go to play and click on the lower-left button that says Practice. Choose between open range, shooting test, spike planting and spike defence to brush up your skills.

In conclusion, we believe that those of you that need a free aim trainer should go for AimTastic or the Shooting Range on Valorant itself. If you’re willing to pay then Korvaak’s is a definite must-have but honestly, the others work just as good.

This was our opinion on which one is the best aim trainer for Valorant. What do you think? If you liked this guide then why don’t you check out this one on the comparison of Fade Vs Reyna?


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