ZIO And The Magic Scrolls Tier List (January 2023)

Looking for the best heroes in ZIO And The Magic Scrolls? Then here you go!

ZIO And The Magic Scrolls is a new RPG game that is based on the theme “Magic must be for humans”. ZIO is a main character in the game and has lost his all powers while fighting against the black magic of Ramstein. But still, he is left with a special power with which he can write a magic scroll that anyone can use for the sake of humans!

If you want to know about ZIO and all the other characters in the game then you are in right place. Here is our ZIO And the Magic Scrolls Heroes Tier list ranking all the best heroes in the game. Check the table below to know about the best heroes in the game.

ZIO And The Magic Scrolls Tier List – January 2023

Zio And The Magic Scrolls Heroes

Heroes  Description
Anton’s He is the most powerful wizard who has turned into an elderly mage. Anton also has a big barrel-sized Dragon who he can use in the game.
Bono Bono is a cute little boy who looks like a 4-year-old kid but is actually 14 years old boy. He is Manadonna’s employee who keeps getting in fights with ZIO over sales of Magic Scrolls.
Inca Inca is a master wizard of all the curses. She is a very interesting character who meets ZIO when she comes to know about ‘ZIO The Black’.
Mei Mei is in love with ZIO. She lives in Kingdom Aerok and is the most skilled member of the Anich Family.
Mitchel Mitchel is a hero in the game who has a death wish for ZIO. But, sadly he wouldn’t be successful in it as Zio has Buno to cover him up and get away from the curse.
Olivia Olivia is an elf who is in a coma after using the key to seal Ramstein. ZIO loves Olivia and hence has used his mana to somehow keep her alive.
Petnak Petnak is a powerful priest who worships the god of Sand and Lavadium. She has the power to create a curse-free zone and see the future.
Ramstein He is a powerful wizard who was sealed in the third war. But he is so powerful and capable of sealing dragons and fighting against them. Hence, other heroes decide to release him to save humanity and deal with their problems.
Silvia Silvia is a new member who joined ZIO’s expedition who always gets into trouble due to her risky behavior. She is a member of a Steel Rainbow and a very powerful hero in ZIO And The Magic Scrolls.
Sumima Sumima is a rival of Anton who is a very powerful hero in the game who is capable of creating a large number of scrolls.
ZIO ZIO owns the magical scroll’s business called ‘Manadonna’. He is the main character in the game who has lost all his magical powers.


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