Tower Of Fantasy All Weapons Tier List (2023)

Check out the updated Tower Of Fantasy weapons tier List.

Tower Of Fantasy is an open-world action RPG and also one of the most awaited games. If you’re also excited to play the game, then you better know which weapons you should use. The game has various weapons that you can equip, however, developers are still adding new ones frequently. Till then for your reference, we have come up with the best Tower Of Fantasy Weapons Tier List for you.

All Weapons Tier List: Tower Of Fantasy (2023)tower of fantasy all weapons tier list

We have categorized the Tower Of Fantasy weapons into S to C Tiers. For now, there are 12 types of weapons available in the game. However, the rankings may change if new weapons are added.

Tier Weapons
S Tier Dual Pistols
A Tier Sword
Bow and Arrow
B Tier Claymore
Double Blade
C Tier Scepter
Enchanted Cube
Shield Axe

Each weapon in the game has 4 kinds of skills. Such as General Attack skills, Dodge skills, Main skills & Combination skills, so choose wisely. We’ll keep updating the list as soon as new weapons arrive.

If you don’t know which tier stands for what then just go through the small summary below.

  • S Tier – This Tier contains all the Op and Best Weapons in the game. You can equip them without any doubt.
  • A Tier – This Tier weapons are not the best but surely holds a Good amount of damage.
  • B Tier – In this Tier, you’ll find all the decent weapons that are OK to use and recommended for the newbies.
  • C Tier – This Tier contains all the average and below-the-average weapons in the game. C Tier weapons are not recommended to use.

Now you know, which Tier stands for what. If you want to know more about the game, then here’s a Tower of Fantasy Characters List for you, do check it out.