Valheim Armor Tier List- Best Armors Ranked (April 2023)

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Armors in Valheim are one of the most essential items that protect players and help them to get lesser damage from their enemies. They are basically protective clothing items that come in different sets that players can choose and wear in the game. Each set of armor comes with 3 or 4 pieces that have Helmet, Cape, Leg Armor, Chest Armor, etc. Apart from that, there are plenty of armor sets like Troll, Rag, Leather, Root, Odin, etc.

As there are plenty of Armors and armor sets in Valheim, one might find it difficult to pick the best one. In our Valheim Armor Tier List, we have divided all the best Armors in Valheim into different tiers. With S being the first tier has the best armors followed by the C tier with the weaker or not that useful armor in the game. So without any further ado, let us dive into it!

Valheim Armor Tier List – All Armors Ranked (April 2023)

Valheim Armor Tier List

S Tier Armor In Valheim

  • Padded Helmet
  • Padded Cuirass
  • Padded Greaves
  • Wolf Fur Cape

A Tier Armor In Valheim

  • Drake Helmet
  • Wolf Armor Chest
  • Wolf Armor Legs
  • Lox Cape
  • Linen Cape

B Tier Armor In Valheim

  • Iron Helmet
  • Iron Scale Mail
  • Iron Greaves
  • Bronze Helmet
  • Bronze Plate Cuirass
  • Bronze Plate Leggings
  • Troll Leather Helmet
  • Troll Leather Tunic
  • Troll Leather Pants
  • Troll Hide Cape

C Tier Armor In Valheim

  • Leather Helmet
  • Leather Tunic
  • Leather Pants
  • Deer Hide Cape
  • Rag Tunic
  • Rag Pants

Here we come to the end of our Valheim Armor Tier List ranking all the best armors in the game. Valheim has many stages and challenges for players to complete. So, if you are stuck at any point in Valheim then click on the link and have a look around all our Valheim guides.