Triangle Strategy Tier List (April 2023)

What are the best characters in Triangle Strategy?

Triangle Strategy is a tactical RPG that was released on the Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022. There are many characters in Triangle Strategy that are unlocked through various actions throughout the game. However, not all characters are equal in terms of powers and abilities. While the best character really depends on a player’s gameplay style, there are a few characters that work better than others. Below we have put together a tier list of Triangle Strategy characters ranked from S to C with S-Tier characters being the best in the game while C-Tier being the lowest rank.

Triangle Strategy Tier List: Best Characters To Recruit





A skilled knight possessing of great offensive style. In addition, this character also allows players to have greater mobility and to attack multiple enemies at a time. On the downside, this character is not good at defense. Players will need to team Roland with characters that can give him a health buff. To recruit Roland, players will need to get to the To Arms, Brave Warriors battle in Chapter 2.



This pyromancer can wreck a lot of damage with her fire based abilities like the Pillars of Fire, Scorch, Blazing Chains, or Fire Eater. Armed with her Tome of Fire, this character can be recruited by winning the Beset by Brigands battle.



This character offers some powerful attacks that can deal massive amounts of damage to opponents. Also, Anna gives mobility to a player and her Act Twice ability can be used to repeat an action in each turn. It is also a great character to have if a player prefers Stealth over Strength play. This character can join the team before the end of A Young Hawk Soars in Chapter 1.



Erador is a Shieldbearer that can provide some much needed defense to the team. This character can shield allies with his defensive capabilities. A great supporting character to fully offensive characters like Roland that do not have great defense stats. The starting weapon for this character is a Kite Shield. Players can recruit Erador by going to the A Young Hawk Soars battle in Chapter 1.



This is an unassuming character that can easily be overlooked in the slew of flashy, high stats characters. However, Benedict’s abilities allow him to buff allies with physical. magic, mobility, and bulk buffs. However, this character does not have great offensive stats so he will need to be paired up with an offensive unit. This character is available from the start.



A magic user that can manipulate the elements to give the team an added advantage. Moreover, the character offers good mobility and magic damage. His Sanctuary ability can also allow him to heal. Narve is great against armored enemies as they don’t go down easily with physical attacks. This character can be recruited through Character Stories in Chapter 5.


This character can use his Counter Stance ability to deal damage to opponents even outside of his turn. This is obviously a great aid in dealing high damage to the opponent. Moreover, Serenoa can also hit all the enemies around him simultaneously using his abilities. This character is available to players from the start making it one of the most well rounded character on this Triangle Strategy Tier List.


This character massively boosts a player’s chances of dropping spoils and coins during a face off. In addition, Lionel can also charm opponents into attacking each other which can be very useful mid battle. However, this ability is quite random and does not work all the time. Players can add Lionel to their team through Character Stories in Chapter 5. To recruit Lionel, players will need to buy items from his shop.


A healer character that can grant health buffs to her teammates. Her Heal What Ails You ability can also remove any status debuffs that are applied to allies. However, this character does not have high offensive or defensive stats so players will have to team her up with strong characters to reap the most benefit from her abilities. Players can get this character after completing the Chapter 1 battle Beset by Brigands.



This is a mounted healer character that can heal allies within range. She can also heal herself or an ally while performing a follow-up attack. Her starting weapon is a six-edged staff. This character can be unlocked via Character Stories in Chapter 5 if players have completed a number of mock battles in the Encampment.


An archer character that has great mobility, range, as well as damage. This character is best utilized for sniping enemies from a distance. Her Shadowstitching Arrow can immobilize an opponent giving the team a breather. Her Binding Arrow is also quite handy in a pinch. It can bind an enemy for three turns. The starting weapon for Hughett is a Shortbow. This character can be acquired in Chapter 2 by going to the battle in To Arms, Brave Warriors.


This character can be quite useful when paired with the right team. He can provide TP to his allies. Characters like Narve that use up a lot of TP can be quite deadly with Julio on their side. Julio can be recruited through Character Stories in Chapter 5.


This character can be quite useful providing players are ready to spend cash and buy items for her. Medina can increase the strength of healing items and can also use items twice in a turn. She can be recruited through Character Stories in Chapter 5.



This character can freeze the field and slow down enemies. Players can acquire Corentin after the Chapter 3, Part 2 battle, Apprehending the Rebels in the Hyzante Route. While there is nothing specifically wrong with this character, it just doesn’t measure up to the other characters in terms of offensive/defensive stats or abilities.

The best characters can only be decided by a player according to their needs. However, this Triangle Strategy Tier List strives to make the decision a bit easier for players. We hope that this Tier List was useful for you. For more such lists, check out Games Adda’s Tier List Section.