Top War Hero Tier List

Here are all the best Top War heroes ranked.

Top War is a strategy-based build and battle game with many heroes. Some heroes are good to invest in for the long run, while some are not worth bothering. But how to know which are worth it and which are not? No worries as we went through all the present heroes and created this Hero tier list of Top War Battle Game for you.

Hero Tier List for Top War

Erinyes Top War Tier List


The tier is divided into S+, S, A+, A, B+, B, C, and D tiers. The S+ tier is the strongest, and D is the weakest. Their rarity and force are also mentioned for better understanding. Now let us jump to the list.

S+ Tier List

  • Erinyes (SSR) Navy
  • Nereid (SSR) Navy
  • Megatron (SSR) Army

S Tier List

  • Yuu (SSR) Navy
  • Optimus Prime (SSR) Army
  • Bassel (SSR) Navy
  • Bellevue (SSR) Navy
  • Tian Mu (SSR) Air Force

A+ Tier List

  • Akatora (SSR) Navy
  • Violet (SSR) Navy
  • Villiers (SSR) Air Force
  • Merida (SSR) Navy
  • Nimitz (SSR) Navy
  • Dante (SSR) Air Force
  • Ben (SSR) Army
  • Cromwell (SSR) Army
  • Tywin (SSR) Army
  • Rockfield (SSR) Air Force

A Tier List

  • Arcee (SSR) Army
  • Bradley (SSR) Army
  • Tsuru (SSR) Air Force
  • Springfield (SSR) Army
  • Bell (SSR) Army
  • Silence (SSR) Army
  • Lady Zizak (SSR) Air Force
  • Li Hongyu (SSR) Army
  • Hartman (SSR) Air force
  • Alex (SSR) Army

B+ Tier List

  • Ganso (SSR) Navy
  • Sam (SSR) Army
  • Gira (SSR) Army
  • Diana (SSR) Army
  • Bumblebee (SSR) Army
  • Nadia (SSR) Air Force
  • Kuruzo (SSR) Army
  • Ricardo (SR) Air Force

B Tier List

  • Teresa (SSR) Navy
  • Sid (SSR) Navy
  • Wade (SR) Army
  • Bob (R) Navy
  • Sauvage (SSR) Air Force
  • Kate Curry (SR) Army

C Tier List

  • Black Widow (R) Army
  • Edward (SSR) Air Force
  • Lee Yewon (SSR) Navy
  • Arthur Harris (SSR) Air Force

D Tier List

  • Chloe (SSR) Navy
  • Friedman Hertz (SSR) Army
  • Katrina (SSR) Navy
  • Fahed (SSR) Army

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