Super Smash Flash (SSF) 2 Tier List (2023)

Here are all the characters in SSF 2 ranked from best to worst.

Super Smash Flash (SSF) 2  is a game based on the Super Smash Bros series featuring gameplay and mechanics from popular games. It’s an action fighting game showcasing more than 50 playable characters from popular series like Pokemon, Mario, dragon, Street Fighters, etc.

As there are plenty of characters it’s a little difficult to rank them from best to worst. To lessen your confusion here is a Super Smash (SSF) 2 tier list ranking all your favorite characters in SSF 2.

Super Smash Flash 2 Tier List- All Characters Ranked

In our SSF 2 tier list, we have divided all characters into multiple tiers with S being the highest tier having all the strongest characters and the D tier being the worst characters.

S Tier Characters In SSF 2

Character Universe
Falco Star Fox
Peach Mario

The Legend of Zelda

Wario Wario

The Legend of Zelda

Waluigi Mario
Sonic Sonic

A Tier Characters In SSF 2

Character Universe
Captain Falcon F-Zero
Fox Star Fox
Luigi Mario
Link The Legend of Zelda
Marth Fire Emblem
Meta Knight Kirby
Pikachu Pokemon
Rayman Rayman

Kingdom Hearts

B Tier Characters In SSF 2

Character Universe
Bowser Mario
Ichigo Bleach
Jigglypuff Pokemon
Kirby Kirby
Krystal Star Fox
Lucario Pokemon
Mario Mario
Mega Man Mega Man
Ness EarthBound
Pac-man Pac-man
Pit Kid Icarus
Ryu Street Fighter
Samus Metroid
Simon Castlevania
Tails Sonic
Yoshi Yoshi

C Tier Characters In SSF 2

Character Universe
Bandana Dee Kirby
Bomberman Bomberman
Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

Naruto Naruto
Llyod Tales
SandBag Super Smash Bros.
Zero Suit Samus Metroid

D Tier Characters In SSF 2

Character Universe
Black Mage Final Fantasy
Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo
Goku Dragon Ball
Isaac Golden Sun
Luffy One Peace
Pichu Pokemon

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