Shikai Tier list For Soul War Bleach (April 2023)

Do you want to know about the best Shikai in Soul War Bleach?

Soul War Bleach is a game based on a popular anime series. It is available to play on Roblox as the platform sees more games based on manga and anime headed its way. Players can create their own characters and become formidable warriors in the game. For players that are wondering which Shikai will best aid them in their journey, we have put together this Soul War Bleach Shikai Tier list.

Here we rank the Shikai from the best to the worst based on their performance in Soul War Bleach. We would like to emphasize that this tier list is based on personal opinions and should not discourage players from trying out other Shikai in the game.

Soul War Bleach Shikai Tier List


Here we have rated the Shikai from S to D Tier with S being outstanding but D being the lowest performing Shikai in the game.


These are the best Shikai in the game. Players should definitely try out for these to have an optimal game experience.

  • Ice
  • Bloode

A Tier

These are very strong performers in the game. They might not be as over powered as the S Tier Shikai but they are definitely powerful contenders in this Soul War Bleach Shikai Tier List.

  • Disruption

B Tier

These Shikai are still good and can give out a decent performance. However, they lack the flamboyance of the S or A Tier.

  • Black Hole
  • Wind


These Shikai will need an experienced player to get the best out of them. They are average at best.

  • Justice


These Shikai are definitely below average and players should try for a reroll. They are the poor performers of this Shikai Tier List.

  • Decay
  • String
  • Beast
  • Nature

This is the Soul War Bleach Tier List. We hope it was helpful for our readers to determine the best Shikai in the game. For  more such tier lists, check out this Elemental Awakening Tier List.