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Soul Tide Tier List & Reroll Guide (April 2023)

What are the best characters to have in Soul Tide? Find out with our Soul Tide Tier List!

Soul Tide is an Android game published by LemcnSun Limited that was recently released. The game tells the story of a world overwrought with chaos where witches reign supreme. However, to get anywhere in the game players will need to have the best characters on their side. This is why we have put together this Soul Tide Tier List to give you an insight into all the characters in the game.

Soul Tide Tier List: April 2023


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S Tier

The characters in this Tier are absolutely phenomenal. Players can dominate in the game with any of these characters.

  • Colcher
  • Nicolette
  • Asa Hoshimi
  • Lilyiro
  • Mako Sakuya

A Tier

Still the best characters in the game. These can do a lot of damage.

  • Benten Kanagi
  • Virgina
  • Akaset
  • Ennis
  • Andrea

B Tier

Good solid units but lacking the overall balance of S and A Tier.

  • Yuki Hazuki
  • Aurora
  • Freesia
  • Netsuki
  • Minerdwen
  • Satya
  • Ruri Hagakure
  • Aurora

C Tier

A decent bunch of characters that will need a bit of experience to play right.

  • Juewa
  • Andrea
  • Lavira
  • Lin
  • Asuna

How To Reroll in Soul Tide?

It is not possible to reroll in Soul Tide if you have claimed the pre-registration and other rewards and spent all the gems and tickets trying to get your desired character. Players will have to progress through the game with the characters they got.

In case, you really want a character in the game, there are two ways to try for them. One is to clear out the game data and start the game again. In this case, players will loose all the progress they have made in the game and will have to start afresh.

However, if players do not want to restart the game but still want to experience other characters, there is a way to do that too. Players can start a fresh game with a new email id and try their luck in a fresh game.

This is our Soul Tide Tier List. For more such Tier Lists check out Games Adda’s Tier List Section.