Skullgirls Tier List (August 2021) – All Best Characters Ranked

Refer to the tier list below to identify the toughest fighter in the Skullgirls.

There might be several 2D games in the fighting genre but none matches the visual aesthetics featured in Skullgirls. Additionally, its PVP fights, dynamic mechanisms, and outstanding roster are other winning points of the game.

Talking about the game’s roster, all of the fighters are equivalent, making it tough to choose one. However, here is a Skullgirls tier list that will be of great use to you.

Skullcrusher Tier List – August 2021

All of the fighters in the game are classified into tiers depending on their utility and skillsets. They are also ranked in order of effectiveness, from most to least effective. Let’s go over the tier one by one.

Note: You may not find all of the fighters on the list because I did not feel like including the lowest-tier heroes.

Tier S

This tier contains only two fighters. These are the best and most productive. Tier S warriors will never fail you.

  • Double – She is a modest fighter with a wide range of fighting tools. She also has incredible zoning abilities for neutral play and wild combinations. Escaping or minimizing punishments in battles becomes feasible thanks to her safe reset function.
  • Cerebella – She sports the most powerful and hard-hitting attack moves, as well as excellent mobility tools.

Tier A

Another batch of elite fighters that promise maximum victory despite not being as great as tier S warriors.

  • Big Band – His strikes are lethal and always aim for the massive. His super armour alone is enough to force enemies to surrender.
  • Peacock – She boasts her rewards as the best skills which nullify her lack of mobility drawback.
  • Beowulf – He is the highly controlling fighter with the best mix-ups and damage output. Also, his grappling and wrestling move with the hype tool makes him deadly against the enemies.

Tier B

Skullgirls tier B list fighters are ordinary and are best suited for beginner fights. Because of their limitations, they should not be employed in difficult battles.

  • Filia – She is the finest fighter for starters because of her excellent mobility, strategy, playstyle, and rapid and surprise attacks. Her instant air dash and air dash cancel add additional usefulness in battle.
  • Ms. Fortune – She is identical to Filia, except she also has zone abilities, extended limbs, and missile choices. She’s also useful for close-range conflicts thanks to her zoning and puppet systems.
  • Fukua – She duplicates Filia’s moves. The enemies are often taken aback by her unexpected playstyle and double jump mechanics.
  • Valentine – She has the best ninja moves and mix-ups but lacks in health.

Tier C

The rest of the fighters in this tier have some good points, but they also have a lot of minus points. Some may be good solely with attack skills, while others may be strong just with tools. They are likely to cost you a match, thus it is best to avoid them.

  • Squigly – She has all the tools, good zoning skills as well as great mix-ups. But lacks precision, knowledge, and slower attack moves.
  • Parasoul – She has good moves and technical abilities but lacks mobility and is difficult to handle.
  • Eliza – She just shows off multiple mechanics that’s it.
  • Painwheel – She’s a pure disappointment with just aerial skills.
  • Robo Fortune – She just has the zoning mobility that anyone can predict easily. She lacks in everything else.

Final Words

You should play with tier S, tier A, and, to a smaller extent, tier B fighters. Tier D fighters are tough to master and are not worth the time and effort.

That’s it to the Skullgirls tier list. You must also check out the tier lists for other games here.