Saxy Gamer Civilization 6 Tier List (January 2023)

The complete Saxy Gamer Civilization 6 Tier List rankings.

Saxy Gamer recently came out with his own Civilization 6 Tier List rankings. Rather hilariously the video was titled Civ 6 Waifu Tier List. It is a rather fun watch and one that is sure to crack players up. Especially you are a fan of the game. You can find the video in the interlinked words above. Now, let’s look at the complete Civ 6 Tier List rankings.

Saxy Gamer Civilization 6 Tier List Rankings

Saxy Gamer Tier List Civilization 6
Image Credit: The Saxy Gamer YouTube
  • If you want to look for any character, simply click Ctrl+F on your desktop. For mobile phones, click on the three dots on the top right of your phone browser.
  • After this, enter the name of the character you want and look for them in the tier list given below.
  • Use the arrows on the pop-up box that comes. This will automatically move the screen over to the character you are looking for.
  • This will show you the Saxy Gamer Civilization 6 Tier List Rankings.
  • Credit to Reddit user u/amethystair for compiling this information!
Leader Civilization Overall Tier Ranking
Cyrus Persian S
Frederick German S
Kupe Māori S
Peter Russian S
Saladin Arabian S
Amanitore Nubian A
Hojo Tokimune Japanese A
John Curtin Australian A
Mansa Musa Mali A
Matthias Hungarian A
Pericles Greek A
Robert the Bruce Scottish A
Seondeok Korean A
Teddy Roosevelt American A
Catherine French B
Genghis Khan Mongolian B
Gilgamesh Sumerian B
Gitarja Indonesian B
Gorgo Greek B
Jadwiga Polish B
Kristina Swedish B
Montezuma Aztec B
Pachacuti Incan B
Pedro Brazilian B
Poundmaker Cree B
Qin Shi Quang Chinese B
Shaka Zulu B
Suleiman Ottoman B
Trajan Roman B
Wilhelmina Dutch B
Alexander Macedonian C
Chandragupta Indian C
Cleopatra Egyptian C
Dido Phoenician C
Eleanor (France) French C
Lautaro Mapuche C
Tomyris Scythian C
Victoria English C
Wilfrid Laurier Canadian C
Eleanor (England) English D
Jayavarman Khmer D
Mvemba Kongolese D
Tamar Georgian D
Gandhi Indian F
Harald Norwegian F
Phillip Spanish F

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