Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List: All Best Fruits (2023)

There are different Fruits with different abilities available in Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds

Fruit Battlegrounds is a Roblox game that is inspired by One Piece. You get to spin for different Fruits in the game that give you special abilities. These Fruits can be used to fight against other players. If you wish to know the best Fruits available in the game, this Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List will guide you.

Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List


We have listed all Fruits from S Tier to C Tier based on their performance and abilities. While the S Tier Fruits are the best in the game, you might want to steer clear of the C Tier Fruits. That being said, the best Fruits also depend on the player. A medium tier Fruit may work better for some players than a top tier one. Keeping that in mind, let us take a look at the Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List.


These are the best Fruits in the game. They offer the best abilities and can make progressing through the game very easy for players. You should keep an eye out for these Fruits when spinning for new Fruits.

  • Quake
  • Gravity
  • Phoenix
  • Flame


These Fruits are not as OP as the S-Tier. However, they can still do a lot of damage and be a real asset to players. These Fruits should also be on your priority list.

  • Rubber
  • Paw
  • Magma
  • Light
  • Ice
  • Bomb


These are average Fruits that give an average performance. They might perform well in the hands of players with a lot of experience.

  • Sand
  • Dark
  • Smoke


These are the worst Fruits in Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds. You should definitely skip them for better options in the game.

  • Barrier
  • Chop

This is the Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List. We hope that it was helpful to you. For more Roblox Tier Lists, check out Roblox Venture Tale Class Tier List.