Rise of Kingdoms Civilizations Tier List (April 2023)

Our tier list has ranked all nations and civilizations available in Rise Of Kingdoms.

Rise Of Kingdoms has 12 Civilizations to choose from. If you are new to the game, make sure to select the strongest Civilization because it is your choice that will decide whether you will be able to conquer the world or not. There are plenty of players who have been struggling to select the best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms and if that’s you then look no further as we have created a tier list ranking all Civilizations available in the game.

Our Rise Of Kingdoms Civilizations tier list will give you enough information about all Civilizations available in the game. Apart from ranking all civilizations, we will also reveal what their strength and weaknesses are. Once you go through this ultimate tier list, you will be able to select the best civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms.

Rise Of Kingdoms Civilizations Tier List – April 2023

When you begin playing Rise of Kingdoms, you will be asked to choose a civilization. Make sure to select the best one because selecting the perfect one will help you progress and expand your nation quickly. The game might have a dozen nations or civilizations to select but each one has a unique architectural building style, special units, perks, and more, making it difficult for players to select the best one.

The game might allow you to change your civilization later in the game but selecting the perfect one at the beginning has advantages. As we have already mentioned each civilization has its pros and cons, I advise you to change it when the right time comes.

Our Rise of Kingdoms Civilization tier list is entirely based on your experience and points taken from Reddit and other sources available on the internet. To make your work easier, we have ranked all civilization/nations into four tiers — S, A, B and C with S being the strongest to C being the weakest.

S Tier Civilizations In Rise Of Kingdoms

Nation Commander  Special Unit  Stats
Germany Hermann Teutonic Knight Increased cavalry attack +5%
Troop training speed +5 %
Action point recovery +10%
Britain Boudica Longbowman Increased archer attack +5%
Troop training speed +5%
Ally garrison capacity +20%
China  Sun Tzu Chu-Ko-Nu Increased troop defense +3%
Action point recovery +5%
Building speed +5%

A Tier Civilizations In Rise Of Kingdoms

Nation Commander  Special Unit  Stats
Korea Eulji Mundeok Hwarang Increased archer defense +5%
Hospital capacity +15%
Research speed +3%
Arabia Bajbars Mamluk Cavalry attack +5%
Damage dealt to barbarians +10%
Damage dealt through rallies +5%
Japan Kusunoki Masashige Samurai Increased troop attack +3%
Scout march speed +30%
Resource gathering speed +5%
France Joan of Arc Throwing Axeman Increased troop health +3%
Wood gathering speed +10%
Hospital healing speed +20%

B Tier Civilizations In Rise Of Kingdoms

Nation Commander  Special Unit  Stats
Spain Pelagius Conquistador Increased cavalry defense +5%
Increased experience from barbarians +10%
Increased resource production +20%
Ottoman Empire Osman I Janissary Increased archer HP +5%
Increased troop march speed +5%
Active skill damage +5%

C Tier Civilizations In Rise Of Kingdoms

Nation Commander  Special Unit  Stats
Byzantium Belisarius Cataphract Increased cavalry HP +5%
Stone gathering speed +10%
Increased hospital capacity +15%
Rome Scipio Africanus Legionary Infantry defense +5%
Troop march speed +5%
Food gathering speed +5%

How To Switch Nation in Rise Of Kingdoms?

Changing nation or civilization in Rise of Kingdoms is too simple. If you want to switch it but don’t know the process then follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Shell out 10K Crystals
  • Shell out 2000K Alliance Currency in the Alliance Shop for Civilization Swap Tokens.

These are two methods that can be used to switch civilizations in the game. If you want us to recommend the best and cheap option then we will recommend the second one.

That’s all you need to know about Rise of Kingdoms civilization tier list.