Ragnarok X Next Generation Classes Tier List (January 2023)

Here are all Ragnarok X Next Generation Classes and how to choose one in 2022.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation does have plenty of classes making it quite a difficult task for players to select the best class. Since each and every class has its own pros and cons, we have created Ragnarok X: Next Generator class tier list ranking all classes available in the game. There is no denying that each and every class has its own unique playstyle and roles but some are better than others.

When a player starts Ragnarok X: Next Generation, he or she plays it as a Novice. Upon completing certain requirements, players are given an option to select their first-class — Swordsman, Archer, and others. When you reach Job Level 50, you will have the second class unlocked —  Knight, Hunter, Wizard, and others.

Since there are multiple classes to choose from in Ragnarok X: Next Generator, I advise you to go through this guide. Once you go through this ultimate class guide, you will be able to select the perfect class for you.

All Ragnarok X: Next Generation Classes List – January 2023


Sniper is arguably one of the best shooters in Ragnarok X: Next Generation when it comes to hitting enemies from a distance. What makes Sniper everyone’s favorite is it has the potential to break enemy defense in no time. Sniper has two classes — Archer and Hunter.

Lord Knight

Lord Knight might not be as powerful as Sniper but it does have an ability to strengthen himself that let him attack and defeat effectively. Similar to Sniper, Lord Knight does have two classes —  Swordsman and Knight.

High Wizard

Hight Wizard is a man full of strategies and skills. What he uses the most to win the battle is Magic. High Wizard has two classes — Mage and Knight.

Assassin Cross

What makes Assassin Cross quite popular among fans is it helps you find out the weakness of enemies. Once found, Assassin Cross hits opponents perfectly. The name of the two classes that Assassin Cross has is — Thief and Assassin.


Similar to Assassin Cross, White-Smith does have the ability to discover enemies’ weaknesses and hit them based on what they can’t resist. White-Smith has two classes —  Merchant and Blacksmith.

High Priest

What makes High Priest useful in Raganork X: Next Generation is it has an awesome support and control ability that helps him to win the battle in the game. The names of High Priests classes are — Acolyte and Priest.

How to choose a class in Ragnarok X – Next Generation?

Selecting a class in Ragnarok X Next Generation is not as easy as it sounds. Choosing a class in the game is based on multiple things — PlayStyle, Weapons, Cards, and Abilities.


Irrespective of which class you are going to choose in Ragnarok X Next Generation, make sure it is based on your playstyle that you are comfortable with. To make the selection process easier, we have already explained all Ragnarok X Next Generator classes and what they are famous for.


The second most important thing that you will need to keep in mind while selecting a class in Ragnarok X Next Generation is the weapon that you use the most. So, make sure to select the weapon smartly, or else you will end up losing the battle.


The best thing about Cards is they provide a massive boost to your stats in the game. While selecting cards, make sure to pick wisely. If you pick a Metaller card, you will be given +120 ATK.

That’s everything you need to know about Ragnarok X Next Generator classes and how to choose one in 2021.