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Plant vs Zombies (PVZ) Heroes Tier List (January 2023)

Here is our PvZ Heroes tier list ranking all the heroes from best to worst!

Plant Vs Zombies (PvZ) Heroes is a card collectable Mobile game available to download for free. It is one of the many games from the Plant Vs Zombies series and has very interesting gameplay. In PvZ, players use heroes to play as a Plant or Zombie and fight against their opponents. If you are new to the PvZ heroes and looking for the best heroes or hero cards then you are in right place. Here is our PvZ Heroes Tier list ranking all the Plant and Zombie Heroes from best to worst.

Check out the list below and pick the best heroes to win maximum matches and level up faster in the game.

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Plant Vs Zombie Heroes Tier List – January 2023

pvz heroes tier list

There are a total of five tiers in our PvZ Heroes tier list, with the S tier with the strongest heroes followed by the D tier that has the weakest characters in the game. Go through the list to find out all the best and worst characters in the game before you end up making a wrong choice!

S Tier in  PvZ Heroes

  • Grass Knuckles
  • Impfinity
  • Nightcap
  • Professor Brainstorm
  • Rustbolt
  • Solar Flare
  • Wall Knight

A Tier in  PvZ Heroes

  • Captain Combustible
  • Huge Gigantacus
  • Rose

B Tier in  PvZ Heroes

  • Immorticia
  • Neptuna
  • Spudow
  • Z-Mech

C Tier in  PvZ Heroes

  • Chompzilla
  • Electric Boogaloo
  • Green Shadow
  • Super Brainz
  • The Smash

D Tier in  PvZ Heroes

  • Citron
  • Brain Freeze
  • Beta- Carrotina

Here we come to the end of our PvZ Heroes Tier List. The above list is completely based on our personal experience and opinion in Plant Vs Zombies and it might differ from player to player depending on one’s skills.  For more such tier lists, tips & tricks, and gaming guides click on the link and stick around GamesAdda.in.