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PunBall: Best Weapon Tier List (2023)

Want to know about the best weapon in Punball? Check out this tier list.

Punball is a casual brick-break game where you have to eliminate the enemies as they march toward you. As the protagonist, you fire a ball from your wand and grab the skills as they appear. There are several such wands that you can unlock and equip your hero with. In order for you to understand it precisely, we have created a tier list of the best weapon in Punball. By going through this list, you will be able to determine the perfect weapon compatible with your play style.

Best Weapon in Punball Tier List – 2023

Best Weapon in Punball Tier List
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Here, you will find the tier list of the best weapon in Punball. As there aren’t many weapons in the game, the list is quite short and hence easy to grasp. The tier list is divided into 3 tiers starting from the S tier and ranging up to the B tier. As this list is set in ascending order, the S tier holds the most powerful wand and the B tier hosts the decent wand.

Tier  Weapon
S Poseidon, Brave
A Lighting
B Meteor

Now that you know what weapon you should aim to collect, you might want to know what to do once you’ve collected all 4 of them. Below, we have elaborated on the same for your reference.

What to Do with all Weapons?

Naturally, there will come a point in the game where you’ll have collected all these weapons. So, what next? Don’t worry, there are provisions in the game to keep you going. You can fuse 3 identical copies of these weapons to enhance their stats. For an instance, if you have 3 Brave Wands, you can fuse them to get an upgraded Brave Wand with higher stats. In this manner, you can keep upgrading your weapon and progress further in the game.

This is all you need to know about the best weapon in Punball tier list. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and browse through other similar articles such as Best Skills to use in Punball and Best Characters in Brotato Tier List.